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RonaldPoe wrote on Feb 15th, 2014 4:15am

I'm sorry if my comment sounds mean and/or hateful, I'll provide some clarity. I really like the guitar work (just wow) and the melody (of the guitar part) was so good. It just makes me depressed to see such a wonderful guitar part ruined by cheap synth orchestrations (they actually detract from the experience). It's like a dish that got over seasoned (it should've stayed simple but tasty). Basically the guitar work and metal parts were wonderful but the synth orchestrations were subpar. You or whoever played the guitar was twice as good as I am.

I'm just a fellow musician and I was curious if I could have a guitar pro of your metal parts (I want to rework them into a electronic song). If you let me do that, I promise I'll give you credit and not put it on a demo. Have a nice day.


RonaldPoe wrote on Feb 15th, 2014 3:51am

Metal elements (particularly the guitar work) sound great but the symphonic ones sound cheesier than a dairy farm. Not bad at all but please focus on the metal (then it'd be fantastic).


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