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Paschen (2)
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is Truly Good Will Always Be Good!!!

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I am writing this to tell you of an experience my father had last week that really made me think.
I take guitar lessons every Sunday and my father drives to the railway station nearby to wait for me for an hour. I always lend him a CD of mines to listen to while he waits, so on this occasion I had lent him "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" by Pink Floyd. This album was made in the 1960s so it is rather unusual.
So, anyway, my dad was sitting in the car and a middle-aged couple drove into the station, looking for a toilet (Embarassed). The woman got out and went into the building, and the man stayed in the car. The man looked over at my father who had put the CD cover on the desk-bit at the front of the car where the windscreen is. The man saw the CD cover and got out of his car, and chapped on the window of my dads car. My dad opened the window and here is what happened.
Man : Is that Piper at the Gates of Dawn? Good music taste Cool
Dad : To be honest it is not even mine, it belongs to my daughter.
Man : How old is she?
Dad : 13 years old
Man : unusual taste for someone of that age, good talking to you!!!
The man then returned to the car with his wife and drove away.
I think this experience goes to show a very valid point about music and life in general ; What is good will always be good. If a piece of music is good enough, it should be timeless enough to last ages, in this case over 40 years. Years ago it was seen as a sort of social sin to like music from a previous generation, but WHY? I know many teens who love old bands like Guns 'N' Roses and Led Zep.
If you have an experience or and opinion about this, please comment. Thankyou so much for reading this!:golfclap:
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Paschen wrote on Jul 15th, 2008 8:44pm

I'm 13 also and when i show music that was popular around that time to my classmates, most recognize it and most enjoy it too!


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