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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bitching be Over

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Well, it's been just around a year since I last posted a blog on this God-forsaken profile here. XD. All girl trouble has been gone since December, when I began dating the absolutely wonderful girl whom I am in love with today.

Of course, I didn't think it'd end up this way, but 'round March I started to think about it, and so did she. We began to realize that our feelings for eachother ran a little deeper than "I really like you." We've had a few disputes, but nothing relationship-threatening. In all honesty, it may be very far-fetched since I'm only 16, 17 in December, but I seriously hope that we never break up.

I suppose that is stupid to say. No one WANTS to break up with their significant other. That's just dumb. Eventually get married, or eventually break up. Those are the two options. Marriage is a very scary thought, but... I dunno. The thought of someday marrying her is... well... not that scary. I'm totally fine with it. We haven't even done anything THAT serious (physically) yet. I'm sorta proud of myself for it. I think she's proud of it, too. We just click. There are a few places we, don't but it doesn't matter.

Point is, all that ranting about girls is over for as far as I can see. Hoot and hollar and all that; I feel great.
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