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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I did a bit of speculation... yeah, it's with the

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I was thinking... In the "Is Time Travel Possible...?" topic in The Pit, I got into a debate about nothingness and the edge of the universe. Not so much a 'debate,' than an 'intelligent discussion'... Irregardless.

Is there an edge to the universe? I say... well, yeah. I mean, I don't think that it could just go on forever. And since it has an edge, what IS that edge? Is it a solid wall? And if so, what shape is the universe? Actually, the universe would have a shape either way. I can only assume that it is a circular sphere or an oval sphere...

Back to that edge thing. If there's an edge, what is beyond the edge? A parallel universe? Or maybe another universe in which the physical laws of OURS don't exist? Someone told me that we would not be able to exist there, then, because these laws hold us together. That is true. But what if the laws are simply... different laws? what would happen to us then?

I had another idea. People say that God and Heaven are unimaginable. We simply cannot fathom them. They are not physically possible... well... if beyond the edge of the universe there were no (or different) physical laws, would God not be able to exist there? It makes sense to me. There would have to be some sort of dividing line between Heaven and Hell... but that's a different matter.

And another thing. Say beyond this wall there WERE different/no laws. If we broke a 'hole' in this 'wall,' what would happen? would the two universes pull into eachother? Would the laws of both of them combine? Or maybe even cancel out? Would both universes just fall apart, when the hole begins to crack into a full-blown... rift?

And what if there is nothing beyond that 'wall?' Well... It wouldn't be nothing. Most of the universe is 'nothing,' (I say most because of dark matter, stars, planets and the like) but nothing isn't nothing. It's something; it's nothing. Nothing is something. And if beyond that wall there were TRUE nothingness, then even THAT isn't true nothingness, because it is something; it's true nothingness.

It's beyond my imagination... I just had to type it somewhere. My head hurts.
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herby190 wrote on Apr 10th, 2009 7:00pm

At the time, there is no right or wrong answer. We have no way of knowing, so your answer is as good as the next guys.


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