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Friday, January 08, 2010

Banned Until February 7

Current mood: aggravated

Well, I've been banned due to some comments posted on this article: news/green_day_gnr_may_get_rock_and_roll_hall_of_f ame_nod.html

I got two warnings, one of which I don't entirely think is fair, but I suppose the other one is. Apparently people can call Green Day all sorts of bad adjactives but when I say that Kid Rock ("that faggot") does "some sort of weird... rap shi," I get a warning. Hmm. Okay, well, whatever. At least, I think that was it; the e-mail just said "band flame."

The other one was because this guy, Phycopath09 if you must know, simply can NOT grasp the concept that Green Day is rock. "They are punk, not rock!" he says. Well, guess what? PUNK ROCK is a SUBGENRE of ROCK. But no. I said... erm... Can I say it in here without getting in trouble? "Jesus CHRIST you are stupid."

I suppose it was a bit harsh.

But come on, man!

The guy doesn't even get... gah, nevermind.

So I'm banned for 30 days. I dunno who'll read this. Oh well. Comment if you do, I'd like people to be AWARE of this.

Thank you for reading, if you did.

I'll be on my profile every few days or every day, so if you message me I'll get it and we can talk, but... Yeah. I get to just lurk for 30 days. Woo!.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bitching be Over

Current mood: happy

Well, it's been just around a year since I last posted a blog on this God-forsaken profile here. XD. All girl trouble has been gone since December, when I began dating the absolutely wonderful girl whom I am in love with today.

Of course, I didn't think it'd end up this way, but 'round March I started to think about it, and so did she. We began to realize that our feelings for eachother ran a little deeper than "I really like you." We've had a few disputes, but nothing relationship-threatening. In all honesty, it may be very far-fetched since I'm only 16, 17 in December, but I seriously hope that we never break up.

I suppose that is stupid to say. No one WANTS to break up with their significant other. That's just dumb. Eventually get married, or eventually break up. Those are the two options. Marriage is a very scary thought, but... I dunno. The thought of someday marrying her is... well... not that scary. I'm totally fine with it. We haven't even done anything THAT serious (physically) yet. I'm sorta proud of myself for it. I think she's proud of it, too. We just click. There are a few places we, don't but it doesn't matter.

Point is, all that ranting about girls is over for as far as I can see. Hoot and hollar and all that; I feel great.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I guess I just have to wait it out?

Current mood: crazy

Sorry for my bitching, yes, I'm only 15, but still... It's giving me petty little emotions I don't want to have, or at least don't understand.

I finally know this girl whom I would work with. I'm serious. We could work. She likes me, I like her. And I don't see ANYTHING wrong with her. Smart, nice, sort of down-to-earth, drop-dead beautiful... And she's my age. Yeah.

Well, she lives over by Detroit, which is a good 2 1/2 hours away... Yeah, I hung out with her about a week and a half ago. I had my first kiss. It was pretty great, I must say. (Not to mention I saw Hancock. Pretty good movie)

I suppose there really is nothing I can do for now. Both in school (I'm going into 10th grade, her into 11th), so we sort of can't just move, haha. But... Everything happens for a reason, right? That's what I believe. It's what I've believed for awhile now. And maybe I can't do anything now... but down the line... who's to say, right? There's a reason I met her in the first place.

And it's not like she's all I think about. No; that's stupid. That's obsession. If I'm doing something, that's what's on my mind; simple as that. But if I'm sitting there with nothing else to do but breathe... yeah, she pops up. And I can't help but think she'd think I'm creepy and obsessive for that. And I can't even really accept that she likes me, because that so rarely happens, that a girl, nay, a REALLY GREAT girl, likes me, who I also like... I'm told it's normal. I'm told not to worry about it, I'm just young and naive. And that's true. But I can't the way I feel.

No, I'm not in love. That's retarded; I'm only 15. Sure, I feel much more for her than 'a friend,' but I suppose waiting it out is all I can do... and bide my time.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I got my driving permit :D

Current mood: excited

Oh yes. Monday, I got my first driving permit. I can now drive with my parents and/or designated drivers above 21. YEAH!

One step closer to a liscence, baby.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I did a bit of speculation... yeah, it's with the

Current mood: confused

I was thinking... In the "Is Time Travel Possible...?" topic in The Pit, I got into a debate about nothingness and the edge of the universe. Not so much a 'debate,' than an 'intelligent discussion'... Irregardless.

Is there an edge to the universe? I say... well, yeah. I mean, I don't think that it could just go on forever. And since it has an edge, what IS that edge? Is it a solid wall? And if so, what shape is the universe? Actually, the universe would have a shape either way. I can only assume that it is a circular sphere or an oval sphere...

Back to that edge thing. If there's an edge, what is beyond the edge? A parallel universe? Or maybe another universe in which the physical laws of OURS don't exist? Someone told me that we would not be able to exist there, then, because these laws hold us together. That is true. But what if the laws are simply... different laws? what would happen to us then?

I had another idea. People say that God and Heaven are unimaginable. We simply cannot fathom them. They are not physically possible... well... if beyond the edge of the universe there were no (or different) physical laws, would God not be able to exist there? It makes sense to me. There would have to be some sort of dividing line between Heaven and Hell... but that's a different matter.

And another thing. Say beyond this wall there WERE different/no laws. If we broke a 'hole' in this 'wall,' what would happen? would the two universes pull into eachother? Would the laws of both of them combine? Or maybe even cancel out? Would both universes just fall apart, when the hole begins to crack into a full-blown... rift?

And what if there is nothing beyond that 'wall?' Well... It wouldn't be nothing. Most of the universe is 'nothing,' (I say most because of dark matter, stars, planets and the like) but nothing isn't nothing. It's something; it's nothing. Nothing is something. And if beyond that wall there were TRUE nothingness, then even THAT isn't true nothingness, because it is something; it's true nothingness.

It's beyond my imagination... I just had to type it somewhere. My head hurts.
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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Band status.

Current mood: okay

Well, let me just say the list of problems in the band I'm in first of all.

- Our drummer is also our singer. I don't like that since we dont really have a main frontman, and now...Let's call him Chris (Drummer/vocals) can't concentrate on drumming or singing entirely. Worse more, he WHINES about his voice whenever he hears it, yet he does not volunteer to switch to rhythm guitar and vocals (he can play guitar decently well, though not like me.) and find a new drummer. Or the other option, stay drummer and FIND a new singer (who could play guitar would be nice), he is unwilling to do.

- On a somewhat similar note, I don't like that I am the only guitarist. I'm a fan of the somewhat hook-based rock... And most hook-based rock has two guitarists. One to provide the leadwork, and one for the rhythm (though that is like kindergarten math here). If I ever do leadwork, it sounds so empty and dull. The bass does not provide enough deepness. I've been told to do my best to try and provide both at the same time (which, depending on the song, is easy, hard, or impossible), but I would rather be normal. The problem with this (to Chris, anyway) is that the three of us in the band are best friends. He thinks that adding another person would screw up the chemistry.

- The name. Chris insists on being the Sundogs. I'll admit, at first, the three of us DID want this name. But since, I have grown to dislike it since no one ever knows what a Sundog is. Now, Chris gave me two weeks to think of a new name. Now, there's a problem here. Chris isnt my ****ing MOTHER; he can't give me a time limit on something like this. It's a group decision. He's a control freak. Maybe he thinks that because we practice at his house, and is the vocalist (arguably (though not fairly) the 'lead' role of many bands), he thinks he owns the band or has some sort of similar mindset. Most people that I have talked to also dislike that name.

Now... in order...
- I've tried to talk to Chris about the whole drummer/singer thing. He says he doesn't care, and that he wants to do both. I suppose with time, he will realize that it's not a good decision to do both and not have a true frontman.
- For now, I can try to work around the one guitarist deal. But as time goes on, just like the drummer/singer thing, it will come to bite us. When the time comes, then we'll talk.
- For the name, the same sort of thing. We'll realize that people don't like the name. I know that we'd like a name based on an inside joke, but we still have to make it so it isn't ridiculous.
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