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Monday, August 02, 2010

Try this. Tap, Ask, Hug.

Chances are, if youre reading this, youre on ultimate guitar, meaning youre some kind of musician. Musicians connect with people through their lyrics as well as their music. Ive got something for you to try. You know how you walk down the street or the hallway at school and sometimes you see someone who is upset, be it crying or just sitting there with their head in their hands, but you just walk by because its akward or maybe because you dont think you have the time? Try, just one time, to stop and tap them on the shoulder and ask "hey are you ok?". Chances are theyre not and theyre going to say yes anyways. Dont just go 'ok theyre fine' and walk away. say "are you sure? you look like you could use a hug." I PERSONALLY promise you, that if theyre not already screaming at you to leave them alone, that theyre gonna laugh and accept that offer.
Try that and tell us how it worked for you. if they get mad at you post that too as well as exactly what you said so we can fine tune your strategy. read on if you want to "read into it" a bit more (no pun intended).
That little effort could be the simplest yet most important thing you EVER do. Because that person may be upset about one thing, or it could be a whole series of things. And when youre upset you know that deep down all you want is for ONE person to care. We all bleed red ya' guys. And sometimes when were overwhelmed, we consider hurting ourselves without understanding the gravity of the situation.
And think of it this way. what if you saw this person upset, walked by because of the akwardness, then the next day they say over the morning announcements, or on the news that some person decided to end their life. and it was THAT same person.
What would you say to yourself? "Wait...omg..." or "Oh no...thats that one i saw outside of starbucks crying. I could have said something..."
I personally have done this several times (tap, ask, hug) and its NEVER ended up bad. in fact im pretty good friends with the ones Ive helped out. Do it. you WILL not regret it.
- Mrfussytabs.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

L.O.V.E. everyone can take something from this

Its been about a year since i wrote a blog anywhere and i decided it would be nice to touch on a subject that is very much debated.
i willl say this first. Love does NOT have an age limitation. dont let anyone tell you that youre not in love.
BUT before you tell someone the 3 beautiful words "I Love You", stop and think for a moment exactly what those three words mean in that instance.
"I" - Who I am as a person, the little things that make me who i am, every fiber of my being
"Love" - Care for UNCONDITIONALLY, will never knowingly harm, cant imagine living without, would die AND/OR live for, have a passion for
"You" - What you are, EVERYTHING that makes you "You", who you are at your best AND at your worst
so. Knowing what those three words should mean to whoever youre about to say them to. i ask you this favor. please dont ever take it lightly when a man or woman tells you that they love you. because if they truly feel that way, then youre in for one helluva ride.
 "I" dare "YOU" to fall in love.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Guitar NAMEZ!!!!

Current mood: happy

hello lol im bored and i love interesting little tidbits and i wanted to know if im the only one who named his guitars?? wqell its self explanitory post awaaay!=D
Mine are

Blues - Epiphone es 335 (after protoman)
Kristy- Epiphone hummingbird named after my beloved ex.  

Lucy - named in part after BB. Kings "Luceille(Les Paul) GONE =[
Wall-e - waaalle =D got him around that time(MetAlien)
Jane - my acoustic a little Cleche' i know but i couldnt resist.(carlo robelli) Broken =[

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Amp settings, and tuning tricks

Current mood: chipper

Hey guys a blog lolz. I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas for amp settings? Just the basics you know treble, bass, mid and gain and maybe some nifty tricks for getting to alternative tunings on a guitar from standard.
my fav amp settings are pretty much the same ones children of bodom use.
Treble - 9
Mid - 4
Bass - 7
Gain - 8
and for added sickness use the rhythm pickup and put the tone on max (on the guitar)
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