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Hate Me Now   (08:17)
I was dared to do a cover of a rap song, and the person chose Hate Me Now by Nas. It was recorded using Mixcraft 5. { Tags : hate, now, rap, rock, metal, guitar, drums, bass, cello, synth, vocals, delay }
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Fireflies   (04:26)
This i did when i was asked to do a more rock oriented version of the song Fireflies by Owl City. I did this while i had a nasty cold, so the fact that the vocals are as good as they are is amazing (i dont think they're that good, but w.e. they could be worse, hahaha). { Tags : owl, city, piano, microphone, harmonies, rock, alternative, guitar, bass, synth, strat, single, coils }
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Hell Yeah (Lost Without You)   (06:19)
Used Backing tracks, i'll admit it, but the lyrics are completely originally. I used way too much autotune on the verse vocals.
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Waiting Game (Demo)   (05:55)
No Guitars Or Vocals; To be recorded when i get a better microphone
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