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Friday, January 07, 2011

My New Years Revolution 2011: Learn "Ashes of the

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I don't know if anyone would read this, but I'm more posting it for me, to track my progress as I learn.  I realized that I like the whole album, they're fun songs to play, and I already knew the first song or two, so as of now this is what I know:

[x] Laid to Rest
[x] Hourglass
[x] Now You've Got Something to Die For
[x] The Faded Line
[x] Omerta
[x] Blood of the Scribe
[ ] One Gun
[ ] Break You
[ ] What I've Become
[ ] Ashes of the Wake
[ ] Remorse is for the Dead

I'm not going to be hustling through this or anything, maybe an hour or two every other day, both playing with and without the CD.


I have "The Faded Line" memorized and still working on a couple parts playing wise.

Printed out "Omerta" learned it, very easy song.  Still having trouble on "The Faded Line" because of the crappy heel on my guitar.

Been a little while since I updated this, haven't been playing a terrible amount, but I have "Blood of the Scribe" down, working on "One Gun," it's a bit tougher than the other songs.  At this point I have about 2/3 of it memorized, haven't had a chance to work on the solo yet.
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