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Monday, June 07, 2010

I want to move to Sweden...

Goddammit, Wallander is awesome.

Jealous, Swedish UGers.
11:24 pm - 21 comments - 5 Kudos
Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creepers part deux: learn to read someone's blog.

Hay guise!

I have decided to repeat this blog due to the overwhelming success of the first one. This mainly focuses on people who STILL message me after me posting this blog, but I have branched out to other creepy things I've found on the UG profiles, because let's face it, I don't have any boobs on my profile so I only get the really creepy ones :p

Right-o. So here's a message from someone who DID read my blog. Kudos to you, although I must say I didn't bother to read the poem. I'm sure it's lovely.

Here's a guy with amnesia and a lurkish tendency. Or just a very lurkish tendency:


I think he really wants to tell me something. I think it's 'hey'.

Here's some pretty standard creepiness. This is a guitar website, not a sex chat hotline. FYI, creepers. Clearly every girl in the world works on those sex textlines though, amirite?

It's not just my profile that gets lurked, as I said, and here's some funny things I noticed while doing some lurking of my own (lol).

Here's the ban list for people who have letched or 'hilariously' trolled in the girls of UG group:

And by the way studs, "SHO ME UR BEWBZ N GET BAK 2 DA KITCHEN LOLLZ" is neither witty or clever. Let us have one nice thing. That list goes on a bit actually, I only screencapped a bit of it.

And here is the penultimate. I got this comment on my profile:

haha, wtf, right? So I visited his profile, and to my hilarity, I found all of these:

ahahaha... I must say, as really disturbing as this is, that's pretty funny. He got this comment too, from long-time girls of UG pest, which is when you know you've sunk to the bottom...

Unfortunately for all of us, it is kind of funny. Maybe some of you guys would like to ask Mr. Rotting Christ if he paints HIS toes? I bet we'd all love to know.

Till next time bitches xx
5:06 pm - 49 comments - 33 Kudos
Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Named and shamed. I'm finally bothered to do this!

Oh and just a pre-warning: I'm not some arrogant dickhead who thinks I'm amazing or anything. Any UG girl will testify to the fact you just have to have a picture up to get this kind of shit, it doesn't matter what you look like. I just find it funny how people will bend over backwards and destroy any dignity they had just for the tiniest possibility of internet boobs....

Also, I wish I didn't empty my inbox so regularly and delete pictures. This only goes back to like march 09.


Some of my friend requests:

Aaaand... the inbox messages! Anonymity is NOT preserved here so please don't get butthurt. If you are, perhaps you should think twice before messaging me ;)

This one is both hilarious and creepy, because he sent it out to every girl on the UG profiles, from what I can tell! it goes on but it's pretty boring so I didn't screencap all of it:

This message I get from the same person all the time. I think he forgets that he keeps messaging me. That or he really wants my attention:

This ones not really creepy but I lol'd anyway

is it sad to laugh at your own jokes? anyway, moving on.

This guy's smooth. See, if you are going to chat up strangers on the internet, you gotta be smooth:

As well as being smooth, you have to have correct grammar.
Oh, the rules keep changing!


I like this guy, he's direct and to the point. None of this "hiiii ur so cute I rote u a poem lolz" crap.

This guy mistook me for his mum:

oh wait, maybe he didn't, unless there's something very wrong there. Anyway...

Same guy...  at least I'm not his personal blog in this one:

Awwh, he called me sweetie. It's a shame, because if he'd visited my profile instead of groupspamming every girl or potential girl he could think of, he would have realised I'm totally not a sweetie.

And here's the next part, sorry it's backwards. Read from the bottom.

I don't remember if I blocked him in the end. I generally only block people who insult me, not the dumb ones.

Aaaand that concludes this installment of profile creepers!

I'll post more as I get them!

I'm also self-banned at the moment so I can work on my dissertation. But thanks for noticing, you fuckers ;)

4:59 pm - 52 comments - 58 Kudos
Monday, November 23, 2009

Wisdom teeth


Go away wisdom teeth, I don't have enough wisdom for you!

That is all.
Sympathies on a postcard.

8:58 pm - 6 comments - 2 Kudos
Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love my job

My free 32" samsung hdtv arrived today, that I won just for doing my job.

Virgin mobile/media rocks ^__^

Are you all jealous?! You should be ;)
5:21 pm - 8 comments - 7 Kudos