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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Louder Than Thunder

Current mood: Euphoric

I feel like I don't check UG enough. D:
Actually, I just feel like I don't update enough.

Anyways, I hope some of you have checked out my new mp3.
Its a cover I did ages ago, before I stopped playing my guitar.
And it took me forever to learn too.
Because I own a right handed acoustic.
And I can only play lefty.
Yet I write with my right hand.
Its confusing.
When my ex bf was trying to teach me years ago he tried to teach me with my right hand
and it failed so bad. My fingers don't obey a word I tell them to do.
So I flipped the guitar around and found it extremely easily to make my finger do what I want.
However, due to the guitar being made for a person that plays right handed its hard for me to learn songs.

Holy jesus I rambled.
Anyways, point is, today I will start trying to learn the cords to Louder Than Thunder.
Hence the title.
I've heard the song is easy to play.. but who knows.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!
Song of the Day: (you guessed it) Louder Than Thunder - The Devil Wears Prada

P.S. Egg rolls and asian donuts ftw.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What Do You Do When Your Brain Exists The Building

Current mood: Euphoric

No seriously, what do you do? I've been trying so hard to come up with new material but it seems like life is just getting in the way. Nagging parents, late school assignments, broke hobo syndrome, general laziness, and girlfriend breathing fire down my neck saying we don't talk enough. So here is the deal all you readers! Help me rediscover my inspiration! Yes, yes, I know. This is cheating. And many of you are probably thinking "Come up with your own damn shit biotch!". Well, I'm not asking you to write the song for me. Just maybe an experience you've had in your life that meant a lot to you. First kiss, first date, first broken heart. Or something along those lines. So, reply to this with a comment of your experience and if I chose to use your experience and turn it into a song. I'll let you know. I mean, it'd be pretty cool to have a song written about you wouldn't? Maybe that's just me. I've always wanted a song to be wrote about me. But the likeliness that something like that will ever happen is very slim. Oh well.

So, recap. Reply to this blog telling me your best, worst, funniest, craziest, ect ect moment and I'll pick the one I like best, maybe even a couple I like best and write a song about it. Or should I say, I'll take your experience and turn into lyrics for a song. Because I'm still not the best guitar play. D:

Song of the day: What Is Love by NeverShoutNever
Love the lyrics. Talent. Just pure talent.


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