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crazysam23_Atax wrote on Aug 22nd, 2012 6:16pm

Thanks for the accept!


Thrashtastic15 wrote on Jun 3rd, 2012 6:21am

trent_slatter wrote on Oct 23rd, 2009 at 10:03pm :
You suck balls.


Now now. He gives the penis and anus love as well. Don't slander the young man.


trent_slatter wrote on Oct 24th, 2009 4:03am

You suck balls.



OzarkMDaredevil wrote on Oct 6th, 2009 4:43am

MinterMan22 wrote on Oct 5th, 2009 at 9:31pm :
Dude I'm banned so I can't post on the forums but I saw your Itunes thread and had to help. If you plug in your iPod into the computer and the PC realizes its there, you should be able to open the ipod(F: I think?) from My Computer. From there open up the hidden folder called iPod_Control. Go to the subfolder labeled Music and COPY the contents to your computer or another hard drive if you have no space. Now go on iTunes and select add folder to iTunes. Use the folder you just copied and your iPod should be on your iTunes.

Thanks man. That helps, but the only problem is that my computer only reads the ipod as a camera, and thats it. I can't access anything else.


David_Bowie=GOD wrote on Sep 15th, 2009 10:27pm

MinterMan22 wrote on Sep 14th, 2009 at 10:04pm :
[QUOTE=David_Bowie=GOD]This just made my lame birthday even more depressing.

RIP Patrick Swayze

Sorry to hear that.

I shall wish you a happy birthday because you own that Black Sabbath shirt [/quote]

Thanks a lot :)


Venice King wrote on Sep 14th, 2009 5:11pm

I owe you cookies, mines will be better than karvid's I promise.


SABBATH_FAN24 wrote on Jul 20th, 2009 8:28am

Sorry dude, I guess I saw Vag-lover and then the word Canada and thought it said
Vancouver. Whoops.


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