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Saturday, May 16, 2009

scary candles

Current mood: uncomfortable

Like.... !! this one day I was walking down the street with some friends of mine..and then we walked pass an old church [ I've always wanted to take a look inside of it] So we deceided to go and look what's inside of that church.. because we've never saw someone in the church.The moment we got in the candles of the church turned on by themselves.. WE TOTALLY CRAPPED OUR PANTS LIKE SERIOUSLY DUDE. so my 2 friends started to run but I couldn't shit.. So one of my friends ran back to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me outside that cursed old lonely cold dark church.
so much about scary candles =)
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Scary elevator

Current mood: blah

Once I was hanging around with some friends and it was pretty late.. because it was already dark  outside.. and we deceided to go to the train-station. But we never thought something spooky would happen to us. As we were starting a riot at the train-station [ not knowing there is a GHOST in the ELEVATOR] we heard something moving behind us. IT WAS THE ELEVATOR!!.. it went upside.. so we ran down the stairs and as we got downstairs the ELEVATOR went down with us O_o                           we were screaming like  little bitches!! Like seriously dude.. we all crapped our pants.      
it was really scary.
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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Scary tv

Current mood: bored

Like.. I was playing SuperNintendo ( I know I know it's very retro) with my cousin Lisa , and out of the nowhere my tv turned off O_o.. and I was like.. Holy shit the tv just turned out by himself :|  and Lisa started to laugh and I was looking at  her like..what's so funny? ¬¬  so she was like.. : I saw it would get on stand by after a minute.

don't even ask me why I posted this blog
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My band

Current mood: bored

Hey you guys.just to let you know I just started a new band named; The Obsinate Rule..  Genre: emo/rock
I play the electric guitar and do the vocals. the band also contains an Acoustic guitar player but we don't even have a drummer yet..
So I'm looking everywhere for a good drummer these days..and guess what..I can't even find one¬¬  Like..doesn't anybody in my city play the drums?

We Do have 1 song though.. It's called Bonerville
And I also have 2 songs called: 'hide and seek' and 'Let me be'of my own and maybe I'll make it a song for my band.

When my band is ready and we're pretty good I'll upload some songs so you can enjoy our music =)
that's making music for right? to express your feeling and to entertain people

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love can make you do silly hurt your

Current mood: like..

So I was talking to my boyfriend on msn.. and we ware saying goodbye to eachother touchy moment  f and like he said something really really sweet and suddenly like my chair flew away from under my ass and it was like BOEM PATS and there I was.. sitting on my butt on the floor and my cousin Lisa was laughing while I was having so much pain on my butt !!
4:32 pm - 4 comments - 2 Kudos
Thursday, December 18, 2008

with blind eyes I believed what you've said (poem)

I'm screaming for your attention
but you don't understand me
I keep thinking of self-destruction
cut untill there's nothing left of me
this is all my fault, I don't know how
I trusted you so much while somehow
I knew I'll be the one broken.

Can't you see I'm trying
trying to get your attention
you don't even care I'm dying
dying for your attention
you don't even care about me anymore
but it's not like you did before
I'll always be the one broken.

7:51 am - 8 comments - 4 Kudos
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The reason(poem)

Current mood: apathetic

The sun rises upon the sky
slowly bringing light in my life
but then stops rising
something's holding it back
something's pulling it back
light's disappearing out of my life
leaves it behind.. dark and cold
like a winternight without stars or a moon
like it's all going to end soon
There's a reason for this light-goodbye
I just can't find it
the reason's in another room
but I can't find the key of the door
'cause the key is where the light's always shining
and I'll never get there
everytime I'm almost there
something's holding me back
something's pulling me back
'till I'm back where I began
began the quest of my life
to find the reason why I'm still living

1:05 pm - 6 comments - 4 Kudos
Saturday, November 15, 2008

Slipknot or Disturbed?

Current mood: curious

so which band do you guys like the most?
3:31 pm - 10 comments - 4 Kudos
Friday, September 12, 2008

the ending? (poem)

Current mood: crappy

When I'm all alone
and it's dark and quiet
I close my eyes and wish I was gone
Away from this world, this riot.

Than I forget all my bad memories
While I'm on my own planet
with no pain, no misery
There's everything I ever wanted.
But than I open my eyes
and see the world more awefull than it was
All those people with their big fake lies
The world is killing me and I'm holding my cross

I'm trying to survive this life
But I don't think that I would make it
It's like the ending has arrived
Ending of the world, but I won't save it
2:43 pm - 2 comments - 4 Kudos
Friday, August 29, 2008

second schoolday

Current mood: silly

Like the second day of school I woke up 8 am.. and usually I leave my house at 8.10  and I was like: NO WAY DUDE !! I'm gonna be late on the second day of school for the second time :wtf:(the first day I was late too). That means if I am late I have to go to detention :eek:.
so I jumped out my bed, ran to the bathroom to take a shower and than I realized that I forgot to take my pyjamas of first -.-  so after i took a shower I ran to my room to do my hair (headbang a little) and to put my make up on (eye-liner FTW) when I was ready to go I ran downstairs, gave my mom a kiss:baby:  
Aafter that I jumped on my bike and drove as fast as I can go.It was like I was playing in that To Fast To Furious movie. I was so fast,No one could see me!  when I came at a crossroad, suddenly there were many cars and I was like: I'm not stopping for those damn cars!!. Than I remembered that my bike is not just a's a SUPERBIKE FOR SUPERHEROES! so I said: BIKE SUPERDUPERSONICCOOLAWESOME-TRANSFORM! so my bike went from lame bike to a SUPERDUPERSONICCOOLAWESOMESUPERBIKEFORSUPERHEROES:D.
By the time that my bike was transformed the cars were gone, so it was all for nothing.. but it was cool though :D 
So I biked as fast as I can to school and I was there on time but.... I didn't know in what classroom I had to be :(  so I ran, searching for the classroom, the entire school through and finally I was in the good class.. The teacher was in a bad mood so he was like: Hey?! why are you so late ?! and I was like: because I'm not on time:rolleyes:. My class laughed but the teacher couldn't laugh on that joke. so he was like: seems like you HAVE to be on time when you go to detention young lady:mad:. IN MY FACE !!
So all that fast biking was for nothing:sad:....
4:22 pm - 8 comments - 6 Kudos
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