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Saturday, March 21, 2009

So I guess i ripped off Cliff Burton without knowi

Current mood: shocked

So I came up with something two months ago and i decided to record it. I posted it here two months ago and i think it was yesterday or two days ago that someone listend to the thing i came up with. His comment on my Mp3 was " thing Cliff Burton came up with" and i got confused. Then somone else found it and gave me the link to a song called "(Anesthesia)- Pulling Teeth". I heard the title before but i never listend to it before. I never listend to anything off the "Kill Em' All" album. I was so shocked on how one part of the thing i came up with and the beginning to that song sound so similair. I'm pretty pissed because now people are going to think that i dont come up with my own stuff and i steal riffs....i got a two star rating on my mp3 because of it.
Go to my Mp3 and click the first one and here the similarties.
But im just going to clarify this, I DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING FROM THAT SONG!
6:41 pm - 5 comments - 3 Kudos
Thursday, June 26, 2008

in one week, my band gets screwed and the ceremony

Current mood: pissed, sad,damn.....

Alright so it was last week were we started out with five people. we had two guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and a singer. We were going to perform for our 8th grade ceremony infront of some 400 people. Our song of choice was "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica. We learned the song and we had to practise the song together but the band teacher and my school was being gay and wouldn't let us use his room or his drum set...And this is were it gets bad...we found out our bassist didn't even learn the song at all because he is just lazy....and we had like 4 days left before the ceremony so we just kicked him out. Then it was down to four of us. The next day..our Rythm guitarist got grounded for getting in a fight at his hockey game so his parents grounded him and took away his guitar and said he can't perform at the ceremony. Now its down to three. WE couldn't play "Nothing Else Matters" because i need a rythm guitarist so we had to choose another song. Our singer wanted to do "Hypnotize" by System of a Down but we only had two days before the ceremony and our drummer couldn't learn it because he said it had some random beats. So me and my drummer decided to play "Paralyzer" by Finger 11. He already knew how to play it and i had one day to get it right. I learned how to play the song and i was ready...but then...our singer said he couldn't sin "Paralyzer" so he had to drop out. So then it was down to two of us. Me and my drummer... My drummer came to my house a day before the two days before the ceremony and we practiced "Paralyzer" It took us 7 tries to get it right when we play together. Then we were ready. Yesterday was sound check for the auditorium but my drummer couldn't be there. So i was the only one there. Then amazingly i got heat stroke yesterday!!! so i was in bed for like two hours feeling hot and frozen at the same time! and I said that i couldn't peform for the ceremony. but then i got better this morning. Then today was the ceremony and we got screwed big time. we were the first to perform and I didn't have a pick wiht me!! we had everything but one pick!!!so we couldn't play so my dad left to go home and bring back like 7 picks. They said we could go last. Me and my drummer were backstage the whole time. Then we had to perform.. We set up everything on stage and when i was going to turn on my dies on me...infront of 455 people!!! It turned on for 5 sec and then i heard this weird noise and the amp we couldn't do and my drummer missed the whole ceremony becuase we were backstage and we missed everything! I was pissed. and I jsut kept away from all my friends and im going to highschool and I didn't saygoodbye. we're all going to a diffrent now i feel like crap. So tell me on the scale of 1 to 10. How screwed were we?

Singer- Patrick
lead guitar- Will (me)
Rythm guitar- Corey
Bassist- Sam
Drummer- Zach
10:17 am - 4 comments - 0 Kudos
Sunday, June 08, 2008

So about the 8th grade dance last night...

Current mood: woooooooooo!!!!

OH EM JEE it was awsome!!! Alot of people were there and it kinda got a little out of control :p but thats ok! The DJ friends are like "this is why white guys shouldn't be DJs" :haha: There was some hot dancing...It was pretty sexy lol. Im going to upload pics later. ANd i made a couple of vids. The most crazy thing that happend was the mosh pit. Yes we started a mosh pit at an 8th grade formal dance...but the the security dudes broke us up because they though it was a fight lol. So yeah....everything was good..the thing i hated the most was this gay ass haircut my mom made me get....
4:29 pm - 2 comments - 0 Kudos
Friday, June 06, 2008

Im not gonna get on UG much anymore

Current mood: meh....

Yup its true UG...I gonna take a break of this site....I'll be back :P
4:43 pm - 0 comments - 0 Kudos
Saturday, May 24, 2008

I got my first Youtube video up!!

Current mood: excited!

Yeah i got my video up!! woot!! Please go on my profile and click that link and it will lead you to my channel. Rate and commet please!! Thanks :)
9:10 am - 0 comments - 0 Kudos
Friday, May 23, 2008

now you will know what i look like

Current mood: faceless

i obught a camera yesterday. Im gonna upload some pictures later on today. lol for those of you who are wondering what i look like lol :p except Skullbolt..we go to the same school lol. Alright just felt like sharing that with you. IT might be shocking for you guys to know what i look like lol
11:15 am - 0 comments - 0 Kudos
Sunday, May 04, 2008 sucks to be 14.....

Current mood: f'n pissed and don't look at me!!

Damnit! I told my mom to tell the hair dresser for a freaking trim!!!!! ONe inch was all i was asking for!!! She told the dude to cut it. It so freaking short now!! It looks like someone put a damn bowl over my head and started to cut!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: :angry: And she says its still to long. You can see the back of my neck for God's sake!!!! What stupid...arrr!!!...:angry:
4:45 pm - 1 comments - 0 Kudos
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Someone tried to steal my account!

Current mood: pissed but calm...

Ok so this morning i tried to log in and the UG staff locked my account. Apperantly someone tried to guess my password. They didn't succeed. But i had to get 4 requestis just to change my password and log in. All is good now. But whoever it was, you have no reason to do that. and Why do you want my account?
6:34 am - 2 comments - 0 Kudos
Sunday, April 13, 2008

im grounded for a month

Current mood: Dang....

Yup you know it. IM grounded. I was talking on the phone really, really late Friday night so my parents got mad and decided to ground me. So no computer, phone, or guitar for a month! Dangit. So you won't see me. :(
10:48 am - 1 comments - 0 Kudos
Sunday, April 06, 2008

OMG there was a shooting at my bus stop!!!!!

Current mood: OMGJ

Ok so Friday I rode home with my friend but my sister had to ride the bus. She got to the bus stop and my dad was waiting for her as usual in his truck. Then After they leave, Four gang members speedby the bus stop and one of them steps out of the car, armed with a gun. The Police were behind them and the Police got out of the car and shot him. The Other 3 in the car where trying to escape but the other officer held them down. How lucky was that? My Pops and sis leftbefore the shooting. Thank you God andJesus:) :p:D
2:42 pm - 5 comments - 0 Kudos
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