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Saturday, April 30, 2016

So I saw Dream Theater last night...

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And it was fucking epic! We had decent seats, I could feel Mangini's drums on my fuckin' chest, Petrucci is up there just killing it and making it look easy, and fuck yeah! Ofc there were a lot of heads in the way so I'd have to stand up to see anything, so I stood up when there was a good solo or a good riff goin' on. Y"know, we fat 'Muricans can't go without a chair for 5 minutes, haha, and never underestimate my ability to turn anything around me into a chair. Well, I've always had problems with my feet and legs, so fuck you. :haha:

Anyhoo, we took a party bus (I was really looking forward to it being a legit limo, lol) to the concert, and everyone was fuckin' hammered there, including me! Some of those guys were members to the band Rite Of Passage, who I got a free CD from (as well as from a Detroit prog band that was handing out CD's outside of the Dream Theater concert, they're called Imminent Sonic Destruction).

I took my acoustic over there and everyone just jammed the fuck out and had a good time. It's hilarious though, this one old balding dude thought Dream Theater was a "screamo thrash band." Then he looked over at us and asked, "What is Dream Theater?" We all fucking laughed. I asked him if he knew Queensryche because that's the closest well known band I could think of to compare it to. He didn't know who they were. ...WANKER! He also tried proposing to like, 18 different people that night, haha. He also got kicked out for "being too drunk to buy a t-shirt."

Tbh though, the security there were dicks. They confiscated the chain on my wallet, and kicked anyone out for taking pictures. I got 1 picture and a short video, which I'll post to FB later on but not YT since YT will even flag you for copyright material that you don't even have in your video. I don't want my YT channel shut down again.

So yeah, I had a fun time last night, drank beer, jammed around, drank more beer, went to the concert, then jammed out some more, then I spent the night at my brother's house, which was cool because I love his dogs. Dogs are awesome animals.

Here are some pics:

The "limo"

The concert

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