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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The VelociRapture

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Loads of scientific theories have catchy titles: "Big Bang" is alliterative, as is Chomsky's "Principles and Parameters". "Red Shift" has a sort of poetic spondaity to it. There's also the "Nature/Nurture" debate, and the brilliantly metaphorical "Ockham's Razor".

Obviously they've started with the title and worked backwards.

My theory is called VelociRapture theory: clearly the dinosaurs were not wiped out by a large-ish meteor as all the evidence suggests, but in fact ascended to heaven during the second coming of Raptor Jesus (pictured).

Well, the righteous ones were at least. The sinful ones were obviously cast into an eternal pit of fire.

What I'm doing here is basing a theory about the most mysterious and important natural event of our planet's history on a near-witty pun I could have come up with during a wank.

I'm sure this is what most scientists do.
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