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Friday, March 18, 2016

10 Year Anniversary

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Hello fellow UG folks!

So my 10 Year Anniversary is approaching, I've been married to music for almost 10 years now. I started out in August 2006 when I began in 6th grade, I picked up a guitar at school and joined a band (fun fact; I didn't know how to play ;D ).

Around this time one of my close friends (who also taught me basics on guitar) showed me UG, which I've been using til this very day. I never registered back then since I only used tabs, but when I started this profile back in 2014 my aim was to contribute with tabs that may help others like myself (There's a link on my profile to a UG interview I did a few months back where I talk about my UG experience). If you've ever found any of my tabs useful please let me know!

As for other things, I know I haven't active for a while (long time..), I recently got a new job at the hotel I work at, I'm now the night receptionist! Full time employee! Yey, score, fkn aweSomeZ. Well it's great, but it has left me with less time for UG and tabs. Though, I check UG everyday and I'm not hard to reach if needed to be contacted!

Anyways, that's that for the time being! Buy my bands EP at iTunes (Jackson's Parade - Ghost EP) and check out the music video on my profile!

As always,

Stay KingerZ

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