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Friday, March 18, 2016

10 Year Anniversary

Current mood: accomplished

Hello fellow UG folks!

So my 10 Year Anniversary is approaching, I've been married to music for almost 10 years now. I started out in August 2006 when I began in 6th grade, I picked up a guitar at school and joined a band (fun fact; I didn't know how to play ;D ).

Around this time one of my close friends (who also taught me basics on guitar) showed me UG, which I've been using til this very day. I never registered back then since I only used tabs, but when I started this profile back in 2014 my aim was to contribute with tabs that may help others like myself (There's a link on my profile to a UG interview I did a few months back where I talk about my UG experience). If you've ever found any of my tabs useful please let me know!

As for other things, I know I haven't active for a while (long time..), I recently got a new job at the hotel I work at, I'm now the night receptionist! Full time employee! Yey, score, fkn aweSomeZ. Well it's great, but it has left me with less time for UG and tabs. Though, I check UG everyday and I'm not hard to reach if needed to be contacted!

Anyways, that's that for the time being! Buy my bands EP at iTunes (Jackson's Parade - Ghost EP) and check out the music video on my profile!

As always,

Stay KingerZ

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Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Current mood: drunk like a russian

Hey UG folks!

So my bands EP is finally here! Okey it's been out there for like a week already, but I've been so tired the last couple of days bacause I caught a cold.. But anyways, it's available on Spotify, iTunes (purchase only), Google Play (purchase only), Deezer, Apple Music and Tidal.

So either you go on streaming it and we'll make a small fortune haha, or you can buy it on iTunes or Google Play and most of it goes straight down our pocket.   

Guitar Pro tabs and chord sheet will be available shortly for those who are interested!

Here's a direct link to out Spotify: 

Stay KingerZ

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Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hey fellow UG users and friends!

The time has come, finally! My band Jackson's Parade will release our EP "Ghost" Friday 4th of December and I'm really stoked! It will be available on Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and Deezer. Make sure to stream the tracks, perhaps buy them on iTunes? 

Anyways, if you guys enjoy it, please share it with your friends and family, we wanna be able so reach out to as many of you as possible and it would mean a lot to us!

Who want tabs? Oh there will be tabs, I have all the 100% accurate Guitar Pro 5 tabs for each song. I'm also thinking of making chord sheets for them as well, so there will be plenty to choose from!

In tha MeanTimeZ, Stay Trüe And KingerZ,

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Music video with Jackson's Parade!

Current mood: excited

So like the title says, a music video! It will be released 2 days from now and will be available on my profile wall. I'm really excited since it's the first music video that we've ever done, same goes for the guy who filmed and edited all of it, so it has been quite the challange. But I'm confident that all will turn out great, and so far I'm really happy with the results, more than I imagined from the start.

Make sure to keep an eye out, the EP is within reach as well!

Stay KingerZ

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Jackson's Parade (My Band)

Current mood: working

Hello fellow UG members!

I've been away from tabbing once again due to work and stuff going on with my band. I'm still around basically 24/7 on UG so go ahead and message me, send requests, ask questions, whatever you want I'll get back quickly!

Jackson's Parade

The EP "Ghost" is coming along, and for those of you who missed it we released an acoustic version of the song Ghost, which you can either find here on my profile (via soundcloud) or visit our FB page at There is also an interview with me which you can find here on my UG profile as well (it's in Swedish, but there are English subs).

We will also release a music video for one of the songs from our upcoming EP as well, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, Stay KingerZ, och Tare TvärLugnT!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Work and Less tabs!

Current mood: amused

Hey fellow UG members!

So I've been working a lot lately, a lot.. So there hasn't been to much time over to do tabs, since I'm writing my own music and minding my own band while working. I still love doing tabs and I could always grant a request most of the time, because at this very moment I've tabbed all I can, I have nothing new to tab really! Send requests, I'm always on UG wherever I got so I'll respond in no time!

As for my band, the EP is coming soon and we're currently shooting a music video for one of the songs which I'll upload here on my page when it's finished and all. Sit tight!

Stay KingerZ

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

600 Tabs

Current mood: drunk like a russian

Hellu fellow UG users!

So it was a while since I last posted a blog, yes indeed. Well just like I said last time, the title says it all, 600 tabs! So last time I posted like this it was 400 tabs yes? And I think I'm going to post one of these entries after completing another 200 tabs, so next one will be 800 tabs (whenever that's gonna be.. DO HELP ME BY SENDING REQUESTS, I PREFER DOING CHORD SHEETS)

If you're curious: I doing fine with my band Jackson's Parade

We're almost done with all the recording for our upcoming EP "GHOST"!

There are some demos on our FB page if you're interested, there's a link here on my profile, as well as a nice video from one of our performances a couple of weeks ago, so CHECK IT OUT!

Stay KingerZ


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Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Current mood: amused

Hellu ^^

I love fishing and I always have! Since we have quite the winter in Sweden ice fishing is something that most swedes do, its a lot of fun actually! Recently I've been out everyday trying to get some fish on the hook and today I got one, first one this year. I'll keep up the fishing and post some pictures if I have some luck with the fishing!

Keep making tabs UG users, I'll also be back with some fresh tabs soon enough!

Stay KingerZ (FisherZ)

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

400 Tabs

Current mood: drunk like a russian

Hey there!

Well the title speaks for itself haha, I've reached 400 tabs! It feels awesome that I've been able to contribute this much. Today I sat down for like 8 hours just making a bunch of tabs, since I've been too busy with my band over the latest weeks. But I had some time over today and I really felt like making tabs, so I did!

I hope my tabs are useful and I hope you enjoy them, feel free to request at anytime, do not hesitate to message me!

As always,

Stay KingerZ

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Thursday, January 01, 2015


Current mood: excited

Hello there UG users!

So now we have a new year, again. I will continue making tabs when I find new stuff to tab, so you're always welcome to send me requests since I don't always find new stuff on my own.

As for my band I will continue to record and make sure that our EP will be finished as soon as possible, a lot of work to do..!

Also I want to thank UG for an awesome year and all the stuff that has been going on around here! To all my friends who I met here, thanks to you too for everything, it has meant a lot to me, take care!

Let's make this year even better than the last one.

As always, Stay KingerZ

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