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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trade References

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Good Deals:

(Harmony-Central) Rampage - Bought Mesa Mark IV and Rack Case
(Harmony-Central) DeathMonkey - Sold Mesa Mark IV and Rack Case
(Harmony-Central) Erock503 - Bought Splawn Nitro
(Harmony-Central)  PurityS.L.G. (Technically) - Sent money for Erock's Splawn Nitro to him, to pay for Erock's Bogner Uberschall he bought from him
(Harmony-Central)  Strongdoc - Traded Splawn Nitro for Mesa Road King Combo, Bought Framus Cobra 4x12 cab, Traded Framus Cobra halfstack for Soldano SLO 1/4 stack
(Harmony-Central)  Tube_Tone - Bought Mesa tubes from him, sold EL-34s back cause I didn't end up needing them and he did 
(Harmony-Central)  thesockmonster - Traded Randall RMS modules
(Harmony-Central)  Crunchtime - Traded Genz Benz G-Flex for his Washburn WMS, Bought Mesa Mark III
(Harmony-Central)  tsmilliner - Traded Randall MTS modules
(Harmony-Central)  hector945 - Traded 6L6s for his EL84s
(Harmony-Central)  concealer - Traded ESP Viper for his H&K Warp X
(Harmony-Central)  rocknroling - Bought 8 space rack case
(Harmony-Central)  StratoSlacker - Traded ESP Tele for Fender Lonestar Strat
(Harmony-Central)  wengnutt - Traded Randall RM4 for Marshall JCM 800 2203
(Harmony-Central)  Nukesat187 - Traded Marshall 2203 for Marshall 6100
(Harmony-Central)  Zemmy - Traded '86 MIJ Strat for Ibanez RG7620
(Harmony-Central)  ::fred:: - Sold - A shit ton of stuff 
(Harmony-Central)  brunog - Traded Washburn WMS for his Ibanez S1520
(Harmony-Central)  THEE HAMMER - Traded Marshall 6100 for his Ibanez PGM100 and Genz Benz El-Diablo
(Harmony-Central)  Sixtonoize - Sold Carvin DC727
(Harmony-Central)  boltzthrower - Bought Presonus FirePod
(Harmony-Central)  alanseong - Traded Line 6 Vetta II Combo for his Gibson BFG
(Harmony-Central)  Shooter1371 - Traded Genz Benz El Diablo 100 for his Mesa 50 Cal +
(Harmony-Central)  davydusade - Bought 8 JJ EL-34s
(Harmony-Central)  robbierobnj06 - Bought Rocktron Gainiac II
(Harmony-Central)  T6TexanII - Sold Edwards E-LP-92SD
(Harmony-Central)  vidiot72 - Bought PRS CE-22
(Harmony-Central)  frankiej - Traded Warmoth Strat for Mesa DC-5 Combo
(Harmony-Central)  Matt Howell - Bought VHT Ultralead
(Harmony-Central)  xtacles - Bought Mesa DC-3
(Harmony-Central)  mateo_sanchez - Bought Peavey 5150 II
(Harmony-Central)  Findthetone - "Bought" Marshall DSL50
(Harmony-Central)  stratedge09 - Bought Carvin Legacy
(Harmony-Central)  RamoRenDez - Bought Rivera K-Tre Reverb
(Harmony-Central)  mttek - Bought Marshall DSL100
(Harmony-Central)  tonesfoyobones - Bought Framus Cobra
(Harmony-Central)  Corey112 - Bought Jet City JCA20H
(Harmony-Central)  Keebz - Bought Emperor 1x12 cab, Sold ISP Decimator
(Harmony-Central)  TheMercyRule - Bought Music Man JP6
(Harmony-Central)  clund - Bought EMG 81/SA/SA
(Harmony-Central)  TeamBendeR - Sold Laney GH50L
(Harmony-Central)  Bluplirst - Bought Soldano Avenger
(Harmony-Central)  jdj8282 - Traded Ibanez S1520 for 3 Ch. Dual Recto
(Harmony-Central)  nosgulstic - Bought VHT 50/CL
(Harmony-Central)  mmahan40 - Bought VHT 50/CL
(Harmony-Central)  kool98769 - Sold Mesa Rectifier Road Case
(Harmony-Central)  rebornself27 - Bought (2) Celestion G12T-75s
(Harmony-Central)  seaninsjca - Traded my Roland TD-10 set for his Jackson SL2H

(Ultimate-Guitar) FoskcoKills - Sold Peavey 5150 Combo
(Ultimate-Guitar) danyellenik - Sold Gibson Faded SG
(Ultimate-Guitar) gebgebgeb - Sold EMG 81 and 85 set
(Ultimate-Guitar) CrushedCan - Sold Zoom G2.1u
(Ultimate-Guitar) SomebodySomeone - Traded Ampeg VH-140C for his Peavey Classic 30
(Ultimate-Guitar) Matt in Jerzey - Bought Tremol-no
(Ultimate-Guitar) Abbot - Sold Mesa 2:90 and ADA MP-1
(Ultimate-Guitar) jdr94 - Sold Boss NS-2
(Ultimate-Guitar) mikeyElite - Sold Boss DD-3
(Ultimate-Guitar) zakkwyldefan79 - Sold Mesa Single Rectifier
(Ultimate-Guitar) Shihonage - Sold Line 6 UX2
(Ultimate-Guitar) AcousticMirror - Traded Jet City JCA20H for his BKP MM and NB

(TheGearPage) gibsonman1006 - Bought Edwards E-LP-92SD
(TheGearPage) Mark Robinson - Bought ADA MP-1
(TheGearPage) guitarist58 - Bought Axe-FX Ultra
(TheGearPage) jhfire - Bought Marshall 2203
(TheGearPage) dayn - Traded 1960 Fender Champ & Pedals for his Parker Fly Stealth
(TheGearPage) pepperedmoth - Bought Metro JTM45

(Birds & Moons) 02Singlecut - Bought PRS Cu24 Anniversary

(SevenString) Rip D - Traded Line 6 Vetta HD for his Peavey 6505+ and pedals
(SevenString) ugg im kyle - Traded 6505+ for his Mesa Single Recto and Roadcase
(SevenString) Counterspell - Bought BKP Painkiller
(SevenString) espdna - Bought Bogner Uberschall
(SevenString) mightywarlock - Bought Peavey 5150
(SevenString) jbcrazy - Bought Blackmachine B2 and Blackdroid 7 String
(SevenString) Despised_0515 - Bought Sennheiser e609
(SevenString) jsousa - Bought Bernie Rico Jr. Jekyll 727S
(SevenString) Adam of Angels - Traded Peavey Axcelerator Plus bass for his Agile Septor Pro 727
(SevenString) Suho - Bought EMG 81-7 pair

(Splawn Forum) TinyTim - Bought Splawn Nitro KT-88

(Rig-Talk) t-rave - Bought Orange Rockerverb 50
(Rig-Talk) 80sglamleftover - Bought Fargen Mini Plex
(Rig-Talk) dougiefresh - Bought PTP Marshall 2210
(Rig-Talk) O'Rourke - Bought TC Electronics G-Major
(Rig-Talk) The Hoff - Sold Soldano SLO100
(Rig-Talk) drucifer - Bought Peavey 5150
(Rig-Talk) Mizati20 - Bought Diezel Herbert
(Rig-Talk) mooncobra - Bought Blackstar HT-100
(Rig-Talk) Jay Strange - Bought Caparison Angelous
(Rig-Talk) tlingen - Traded G12T-75s for his Splawn Small Blocks, Bought ART SLA2
(Rig-Talk) Octavio Sherbakov - Bought Absolutely Understand Guitar Lessons
(Rig-Talk) Erock - Bought (2) 16 Ohm Celestion G12K-100s
(Rig-Talk) Atropos_Project - Sold PDP CX 8x7" Tom
(Rig-Talk) Juggernaut - Traded SKB rack case for Line 6 Bass POD
(Rig-Talk) cold machine - Sold BKP Painkiller and Nailbomb
(Rig-Talk) Ibenhad - Sold BKP Miracle Man, sold Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 & Behringer ADA8000
(Rig-Talk) ericsabbath - Sold PRS CE-22, Tascam US-800 and TC Electronics G-Major
(Rig-Talk) Seaninsjca - Sold Jackson SL2H back to him
(Rig-Talk) El Mariachi - Bought Eminence V12 legend

(Sneap Forum) ForefrontStudio - Sold Presonus FirePod
(Sneap Forum) den08 - Sold 3 Channel Mesa Dual Recto
(Sneap Forum) lelahel - Sold Krank Rev+
(Sneap Forum) the_drip - Bought Roland TD-7 module
(Sneap Forum) J-Mac - Sold Oktava MC012
(Sneap Forum) Barnacle - Sold Shure SM7b
(Sneap Forum) hsnyder - Sold Maxon OD-808

(Gearslutz) kjs - Sold Pro Tools 9, Waves Gold/RenMaxx 8 & RTAS plugin package
(Gearslutz) EV676 - Bought Audient ASP008
(Gearslutz) valverec - Sold Digidesign 003 Factory
(Gearslutz) BigGreen- Bought Focusrite ISA 428 MKI
(Gearslutz) diff daliber - Bought Audio Technica AT4060
(Gearslutz) WartLogCornBoy - Sold ART SLA2
(Gearslutz) LP2006 - Bought AX Max DI
(Gearslutz) mightyfaulk - Bought Neutrik TRS Patchbay
(Gearslutz) SamKapala - Sold Adam S2A studio monitors
(Gearslutz) Paulsonaudio - Bought Seventh Circle Audio Rack & 6 A12b modules
(Gearslutz) johnmyster - Bought (2) CAD E100 mics
(Gearslutz) synthpunk - Bought Mackie Control Universal
(Gearslutz) prontold - Traded my Audient ASP008 for his Orange Thunderverb 50
(Gearslutz) postman56 - Bought Peavey VMP-2 mic preamp
(Gearslutz) alexamk - Bought Digidesign PRE

(TalkBass) spector5guy - Bought Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II
(TalkBass) MadDogIan - Traded Orange Thunderverb 50 for his Mesa Roadster

(DrumForum) - drummerjohn333 - Bought a ton of vintage Ludwig parts & 12" tom
(DrumForum) - dimagg333 - Bought Yamaha Musashi snare & Ludwig parts; bought '66 Ludwig Acrolite
(DrumForum) - Jeff Shoup - Bought Sonor SS277 snare stand
(DrumForum) - Bonzoholic - Traded Pork Pie Big Black Brass for his 22" Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride
(DrumForum) - dave.robertson - Bought Gibraltar/Dunnett R40 strainer
(DrumForum) - utdrummer - Bought vintage Ludwig Classic lugs
(DrumForum) - curly - Bought 12" Yamaha Musashi snare
(DrumForum) - roundbadgedude - Bought (2) vintage Ludwig tom mounts, double tom post and T-rods
(DrumForum) - (Kb) - Bought 18" Sabian AA Crash / Ride
(DrumForum) - publius - Bought 13" Zildjian Z Custom Dyno Beat bottom hat
(DrumForum) - mountainhick - Bought Pearl tom mount
(DrumForum) - hoochymama - Bought Ludwig Speed King & Spur-Lok Hi-Hat stand
(DrumForum) - bolweevil - Bought 14" Sabian HH Bright Hats
(DrumForum) - jr33 - Sold DrumDial
(DrumForum) - cworrick - Bought 19" Sabian HH Viennese Crash
(DrumForum) - bongomania - Traded Ludwig Blacrolite, 12" Wuhan China & Evans G1 head for his USA Pork Pie maple snare; bought 42-strand Gibraltar snare wire
(DrumForum) - AaronLatos - Bought 20" Paiste Sound Formula Dry Ride
(DrumForum) - SpyGuy - Traded 20" pre-split Istanbul Turk Ride for his 22" UFiP Class Light Ride
(DrumForum) - zacompston - Bought (8) dFd tube lugs
(DrumForum) - nomsgmusic - Traded 13" & 12" Yamaha Musashi snares for his 20" Paiste Traditionals Light Flat Ride
(DrumForum) - Brysonmya - Sold 13" Sabian AA Fusion Hats
(DrumForum) - El Larry - Bought 18" Zildjian A Crash
(DrumForum) - MDBDrum - Bought 16" Sabian AAX Stage Crash
(DrumForum) - SamuelD - Bought DW9000 Remote Hi-Hat
(DrumForum) - TAD - Sold 13" Zildjian Z Custom Dyno Beat bottom hat
(DrumForum) - superdrummer - Traded 20" Meinl Byzance Traditional Ride, 14" Sabian HH Bright Hats, 19" Sabian HH Viennese Crash & 16" Sabian AAX Stage Crash for his 24" and 20" Paiste Giant Beat Multis

(Vintage Drum Forum) bpo462 - Traded custom C&C snare for his Ludwig Supraphonic LM402
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