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Member of: UG's Nervous Shitbags, Hate R&B and that kind of stuff, This ain't a fan site, it's a gosh darn hate fest!, no rap, Pete Wentz is the worst bassist out there, The People Who Hate Fall Out Boy, The UG Homestarmy, The Official Modest Mouse Club, Teens on UG, Self-Taught Guitarists United, SNOWBOARDING, manson fans, The Group That Thinx The Jonas Brothers Suck And the Naked Brothers Band Sux Just as Much, people that hate high school musical, People who Join Groups for the hell of Joining Groups!!! or just wanna be in a group, Let's See How Many People Can Join This Group, Bacon Lovers Society, BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , Don't Join This Group, Musicians seeking Musicians - Find YOUR Band, The Idiots Guide to Being an Idiot, The group that literally doesnt have a name...and I mean literally., i like candy, Rap Haters, Jonas Brother suck, The Official Skittles Club, well im just gonna say a bunch of non-needed stuff so by the time you get done reading this youll be half way through the name...omg your still reading this random name...ok wtf your still reading this...just go ahead and join if your still reading, I'm justing making this group with a long name to see if people will join. How long can this go? Lets find out, Have you joined yet, better otherwise it's useless me typing all this, really it is. No Joke. So what guitars do you have, Play drums. Join now, I had to cut my hair, it sux :(, if you dont join this group you hate everthing that guitar stands for, procrastination, The League Of Guitarists, ULTIMATE PIE GROUP!!!!, I'm Hungry, UG's Ultimate Nick Names., The UG random club, The Sandwich Combination Research and Development Society, The group of people that can't efficiently size their group title to fit into the space provided, The lets add more profile completeness by making a pointless group group., CRAPPY AMPS GROUP, The Yes Group, Our Group Gives Out Fabulous Prizes!, People who procrastinate too much and don't do things meaningful and worthwhile but instead they waste their time on pointless things, We Love Storms!, Awnser The UG'ers Above Question Group for long time posters and new ones alike, FREE THE PEAR Petition, procrastinaters we unite!.............. ....tommorrow! , The Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain and there should be an investigation which leads to Love going to prison group., The Dr. Pepper Group, Ibanez Fans, Bring Back Wally, We Like Really Loud Music!, Whatever, Grammar is our middle name, just for partying, i look for or have seen bigfoot group, The Ultimate Group Of Penspinners, Cheese Appreciation Club, A group for the people who are members of many, many groups, The Group For People With Rubbish Instruments No One Else Has Heard Of, People Who Have an Extremely Broad Taste in Music and Enjoy Long, Silly Names, THE PIRATES, The Organization To Prevent The Mistreatment Of Apostrophes (TOTPTMOA), the dot group, Guitaroholics Anonymous, Someday We'll Dig A Hole To The Other Side Of The Earth, Downloading music for free is like stealing a CD from a shelf, Banana Bread Lovers, Sexy club!, Guitar Hero is Fucking Gay, Random Fun Facts!, Amazing group, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh , Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaamnnnnnn , Monty Python, The 'I'm-In-A-Lot-Of-Gro ups' Group, we luv skinny jeans, COOLEST GROUP EVER!!!, blue eyes club, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , UG's Lonely Hearts Club, THE PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND ARE A DISGRACE TO ROCK 'N' ROLL, Taco Lovers Group, i made this group because i was bored so just post random stuff here and enjoy please join cause im lonely (not really) but please join anyway =0 post here to have luwlz or i''ll..... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUU LOL ROFL LMAO BRB G2G GTFO STFU TGIF, The Anti-Anti-Ibanez Militia, The Killers Fan Group, Blink 182 Fans, blink-182 & +44, Blink-182, Rap Sucks, This group is for people who likes and or loves or even hates those groups with the rediculously long names that take up a lot of space on your groups list so it makes it look like you have more groups than you do have. This group is for those kind of peo, The I really do nothing in any of the groups i join group, The Best Group In the Universe, THIS IS ALSO A GROUPO WITH AN EXTEMELY LONG NAME AND STAY A LONG TIME BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE TO LISTEN TO MY LECTURE ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN THE RAYS MADE THE WORLD SERIES AND IM GOING I LOVE MY BAND EMO ITS AWSOME I H8 HOBOS BECUASE THEY LIVE I, This group is for people who likes and or loves or even hates those groups with rediculously long names that take up a lot of space on your groups list so it makes it look like you have more groups then you do have. this group is for those kind of people , The 'Nice Guys', The Naked Brothers Band HATE group, Group for Ibanez Lovers only!, Group Made From Complete Randomness, UG's Mad Scientists, After I Saw 300 I Felt Like Punching the Guy Next To Me In the Face, The Anti-Bear Task Force, Anberlin, people that want to grow their hair long so they can head bang all they want to awsome metal but their lame parents wont let them, In Flames, Dream guitars, Music Rock , The Bored People, The Followers Of All That Is Random And STUPID! So STUPID! That I Cant Even Think Of Why You Are Still Reading This! And, Wow, If You Are, YOU GOT PWNED!, trying to get as many people to join a group as i can i dont kare why just join the stupid group or else, just kidding if you want to join a group just join this no one ar you still seriously reading this name get a life and just click "join group&qu, I hate those classic rock posers, Young Musicains, Young and old guitar players that LOVE ROCK OR METAL!!!, For Us Young and New Artists, ultimate-guitar young guitarist, The group for all the people who can't ever put there iPod down, my chemical romance fans, cAN'T sTOP pLAYING gUITAR cLUB, Gibson guitars are way over priced!, Anti Hip Hop Alliance, UG Republicans, Metal, Monk Fans, Alt/indie enthusiasts, Hair Metal, Atheists of UG, Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty, Bill Hicks Fan Club, Marty Friedman pwns, Steel Panther Rule, UG's 80's Rock Fan Club, grammer nazi's, I Suck At Life, Ban the user above you group, Forever Alone, I'm Too Awkward To Do Shit, The Krusty Towers, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia!
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