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myoiden_ramre (2)
Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What kind of a name is "Maitinin" anyway?

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Dear fellow UG-reader,

at least 9 summers must have passed now. It was a nerdy day in 7th grade. I couldn't have been more than 13 years old. All the nerdy boys were reading the Lord of the Rings triology during recess. (UG-profile "xFilth" was also there.) On that day one of the boys released an idea as devastating as the return of Sauron himself. The boy said in Danish: "Ville det ikke vćre vildt sejt, hvis vi kunne tale elver-sprog med hinanden?" ["Wouldn't it be so cool if we could all speak Elvish to eachother?"] And the classroom was silent as the slaughtered Mines of Moria.

And so I raced home on my bicycle to google "tolkien + elven language". In 0,27 seconds my search was over! I stumbled across a pdf that was to seal my fate forever. Alas, this is it: df

As I was sitting in my blacked out and pretty evil room on that probably sunny afternoons, I was searching for the coolest word on the list. An adjactive that was awesome and yet sounded fairly mature. Suddenly it struck me: Skilled. Of course. I was the Skilled one! What an awesome and mature idea!

If you dare search for "skilled", you will find the Elven translation maite. And if you even dare search "adjectives", you will find a grammar clause on how to inflect adjectives to express intensity! And now we are intensely reaching the outer boundaries of the expression 'nerd'. If one wants to express maite in the second degree, more skilled, one adds the suffix -in. If one even wants to express maite in the third degree, most skilled, one adds another -in. This adds up to: Maite-in-in. Maitinin.

And this is our final destination. This is the story of my extremely atypical and way too aesthetic profile name, Maitinin.

Best regards,

PS: But what about the 'e'? Didn't you miss the 'e' in 'maite' when adding -inin?
...Shut up, I also just realized that now!
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myoiden_ramre wrote on Jun 22nd, 2012 3:56pm



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