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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Emotions a Christian Musician Experiences

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      There are many bands that are amazing but the ones I find are the most amazing are the ones who arent afraid to make a point and those who just pour themselves out to God. They always have a purpose to sing, dance, and play, because they're not doing it for them but to glorify God they wouldnt care if no one liked them but it means the world to them to know they are doing it for God. They feel God's presence flowing through them and know God gave them a talent for a reason and that was to praise him and to reach out to others. The love for playing may be the beginng of a christian band the end results are it becomes a passion, and a necessity to play for God.
      Being on that stage and worshipping, from what I've experienced, is like God just coming down from heaven and just hugging you and just the feeling of being welcomed in heaven, and having a spot there ready for you for when it's time to go. I feel this warm feeling as if i'm not doing anything because i'm just under the will of God. And that just proves all is possible with God, and that God is the Ultimate Musician
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bats&beans wrote on Jun 10th, 2010 11:14pm

if i could give you more than just 2 kudos, i so would! :]


Pepe Loco wrote on Jun 26th, 2010 1:48am

Thats so true man ♪♪♪


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