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Monday, November 05, 2012

No love/You`re in control

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I served, you my heart
On a silver plate, you took a bite and threw it away.
All the love I gave ya, I want it back

Why, did I, open myself up
I know just how you think, I'm just this dirty downie
Why did I think you could ever be mine

Girl I know, you're the one in control but you do not know,
That I can't let go.
You and I, we could have been, but you said NO.

Yea, You don't remember, what you said to me.
You don't remember, how you wanted your love to be.
Because you, chose, none.

So I, fell apart
You and I , when should have never start.
There came a third part,
After all the love I gave ya,

Girl I know, that you're in control, I cannot let you go.
Girl I know,
You chose the wrong way.
So I faded away, I faded away.


Girl, what Do you see in him?
You did it to yourself.
Girl you bring me, a feeling I've never felt.

Mellan-8  Build up
He wanted to fuck
You wanted love ,
He wanted to fuck
He wanted to fuck,
You wanted love
He didn't give you love,
I did but you didn't give-   - Scream
Give it, just give it baaack
Girl you know.
You turned your , you turned your back
Girl my heart is sore
Fuck him, fuck you, fuck mee

You chose the wrong guy..     Soft
The wrong guy.

Girl you know, you chose the wrong way to go
You have no love left.
I faded away
I faded away.
You just don't get it
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