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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Release of Awesome short action film Doublecross!

Current mood: accomplished

Hey guys this is a little video I worked on last year. It is a short action film called "Doublecross". It is really quite cool and the reception so far has been overwhelmingly positive. The follow up is coming soon, but I thought I'd like to get your opinions on this one anyway. I worked very hard on this film doing all sound design, mixing, editing as well as onset sound recording. If you could check it out that would be great. 

Here is the official press release:

"“Double Cross: On the run from his drug-dealing boss who works out of a strip-club, a hit-man seduces a sexy woman into helping him get revenge and get back the money they owe him.

Stuart Bender Films is very proud to present the exciting short film “Double Cross” for general public release!

What began as a quick fun movie to be filmed with a group of friends turned into a massive action film which surpassed the expectations of everybody involved! After a sold-out premiere in Perth, Western Australia in May 2011, this explosive action film went on to be nominated “Best in Show” at the 2011 Action On Film Festival in Pasadena, California.

The film features swearing, epic shoot-outs, hot girls, tough guys and crazy driving stunts! For the most entertaining viewing experience, please click full-screen and High Definition. When you’ve finished enjoying the film, please share it with your friends, colleagues and anybody who loves action films.”

Here’s the full 18 minute piece.

If you cannot quite be bothered sitting through the whole 18 minutes here’s the teaser for Doublecross!

If this tickles your fancy you may also want to check out these behind the scenes clips from the upcoming short film The Argentinian Escape.

Thanks guys!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Lukes Song of the Day 07-01-09 - 06-02-09

Current mood: calm

01. 07-01-09: Ticks and Leeches - Tool
02. 08-01-09: Selkies: The Endless Obsession - BtBAM
03. 09-01-09: Papa Roach - Never Enough
04. 10-01-09: White Walls [Live] - BTBAM
05. 11-01-09: Shogun - Trivium
06. 12-01-09: Unity Village - Pat Metheny Trio
07. 13-01-09: A.D.D. - System of a Down
08. 14-01-09: Das Klagende Lied - Gustav Mahler
09. 15-01-09: Unborn - Sun Caged
10. 16-01-09: The Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson
11. 17-01-09: Beautiful Mine - The Butterfly Effect
12. 18-01-09: Way Out of Here - Porcupine Tree
13. 19-01-09: Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater
14. 20-01-09: Pravus - Meshuggah
14. 21-01-09: The Light at the End of the World - My Dying Bride
15. 22-01-09: Colony of Birchmen - Mastodon
16. 23-01-09: Dancing With the Moonlit Knight - Genesis
17. 24-01-09: Kill the Guy with the Ball - Steve Vai
18. 25-01-09: Skies of the Millenium Night - Sikth
19. 26-01-09: King of those who Know - Cynic
20. 27-01-09: Summoning Scenes - Unexpect
21. 28-01-09: Love Theme - MGS4
22. 29-01-09: I Have a Need - Black Light Burns
23. 30-01-09: The Baying of the Hounds - Opeth
24. 31-01-09: Worlds on Fire - The Butterfly Effect
25. 01-02-09: Probably Will - Concrete Blonde
26. 02-02-09: Blackbird - Alter Bridge
27. 03-02-09: The Glass Prison - Dream Theater
28. 04-02-09: The Divine Wings of Tragedy - Symphony X
29. 05-02-09: Romeo and Juliet: Fantasy Overture - Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
30. 06-02-09: Sugar in the Sacrament - Thursday
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Friday, August 08, 2008

Fulfilling my Criteria

Current mood: apathetic

So yeah, um, I don't really have anything to say.

You see, I'm not a very interesting person.

I mean, seriously, c'mon guys, one half of my day simply consists of me, you know, seriously, like, um, standing in the middle of the room and just staring, at youknow, kinda like, um, nothing, you see?

So yeah, you see, I'm, I'm not realy, you know, that, um, interesting, you see?

So, you see, um, I can't, um, exactly, you know, um, see, um, um, exactly why you'd, um, be reading this, you know, thing, you see?

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