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Monday, January 18, 2010


Wrote those about six months ago... probably most heartful thing I've ever written  

Simple feelings found only in the bottom of the bottle, 
The familiar scent of your poison,
Injected, snorted, smoked, the relaxation, 
Disturbed only by self brought damnation,

Trial and error, 
Judgment clouded, despair closes in, 
Shunning all but the powder, 
The substance, 
The source of your pain

Through the haze of self deception, fooling only those most forgone,
Those in need, 
Those in need,
Those now dead

How wrong we were to find solace in vileness, your heart ripped out with every passing moment,
Wasted opportunities,
Mind lost to the darkness,
And soul not far behind

How can each day pass when all you despise stares back at you in the mirror?
Laughing at your pathetic attempts,
Laughing at your cowering,
Laughing as you cut,
Only now does the laughing quiet,
Replaced by the tears,
The mind flashes images of the young boy laughing and smiling,
Now never to smile again

Lying on the cold, hard surface, as his regrets spill out of him unto the floor,
His last move on Hell…
Wiping the tears from his eyes.
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