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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sister's Birthday. Among Other Things, Hot Weather

Current mood: Warm,

Hellooooooooo everyone! :)
I apologize for no Blogs. :S
I have two Blogs elsewhere, if you were interested, but ANYWHOOS... it's my sister's 17th birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to her.
In other news, it is STIFLING hot and I am wearing a sweater and jeans because I was COLD.
I can guarantee that I will probably get cold again after I walk out of this room.
How are your guy's summer weather/vacation/days goin'? :) Played any new music? Listened to any new? New books? Movies? People? Whatever whichever. Lemme know in the comments below.
Alrighty checkin' out,
Thanks for reading this Blog. :)
HAVE A LOVELY DAY! :) If it's your birthday today as well, HAAAPPPY BIIRTHDAAAAY! :)
- Louise =]
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Friday, February 04, 2011

'Ello! :) [and Happy Chinese New Year!]

Current mood: cheerful

'Ello! :)


Woah, woah, woah. First time on in what, a year and a bit? haha.

Well, I missed this place, so I decided to visit it again (not that I haven't already, I mean as going on my account. I've been on this site doezens of times without logging in). So, if anybody out here reads my blogs, how are you all? :)

I hope to get some chords and tabs in for more contirbutions; but that depends right now; I'm pretty busy what with schoolwork and what not.

I'll try my best.

Till then, hope you guys have an aweeesome day! :)


-Louise! :)


P.S. Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Rabbit. :)


P.P.S. I got into our school's coffeehouse with my friend! :O I'm playing guitar and singing, and she is singing as well. I think the show is in March. I dunno!

Apparently we got in, and I hope we did, they didn't really say anything except good, positive stuff, so I'll check again, but I think we made it :)



P.P.S. That's it for now, byee! :)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

Current mood: calm

Well, today is a day to reemmber all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us and helped us overcome the war. Without them, would there be any us?
Sit down at the table with your family and have a moment of silence.
They were amazing, even though I wasn't even born when it happened, but I've heard the great stories and the bad ones as well.
I personally didn't have any family memeber who fought in the WW2, so don't have much of the past. But when I watch the events and what everyone else is doing in the world, I feel more connected to everyone.
That's it.
God bless them.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

High School

Current mood: tired

High School is fun! Very noisy and busy, but fun. I love English class, my teacehr is super nice. In Math we get a lot of homework! Got some for the weekend. Perfect.*rolls eyes* Also, in Gym we're doing volleyball, I'm not very good at my volleys though. Gotta work on that! Uhh...what else? I just tried the Caf food- delicious! *thumbs up*
Anyways, I just wanted to keep you all updated!! If you'd like to tell me about your classes, feel free to do so!
Am writing songs and playing guitar at the moment...I am SO tired.
Have a good day!

Rock on!
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Last Two Weeks of Summer!

Current mood: exhausted

Hello everyone!
As you cn see, 2 more weeks left of school.
For me, anyways.
Well, it's REALLY busy for me these last two weeks, usually it is every summer because we all get together and do some last minute planning. Plus, I need to get school supplies. Darn it!
WELL, I have been playing and singing on the guitar lately, and my voice feels quite sore. Ugh. Haha, I took a Writing Class this week, it was fun.
Did some Storytelling, where we have a big group nad everyone gathers round and we have what's called the "Talking Stick", and it got passed around and then I recall saying something like, "Katie was stuck in the oven and then one of the dogs accidently turned the oven on and then Katie started heating up...". Not sure about what I'm saying? Just ask me. XD
Well, gotta go.
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Saturday, August 08, 2009

August- A Month Till School!

Current mood: creative

Well, today I took my Gr. 3 History Exam! (Theory/music stuff)
It was very nervewracking.
Anyways, a month till school!
I am nervous/excited for the new year!
Just wanted to pop in and say hi!
Rock on!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Psyhed For HP6!

Current mood: cheerful

Hey there everyone!
Pleased to say this is my first blog!
So hello!!
I just wanted to say I am SO psyhed for HP6, it comes out tomorrow!! WOW.
I'm watching the movie on Thurs though, it'll be too crowded on Wednesday.
I think they leave out too much in the movies, don't cha think?
Please post!!
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