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Till From Kenig (2)
Monday, April 26, 2010


Current mood: happy

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So, after possibly the toughest times in my entire life, Im back on UG!
Apologies for not being only for the last few months, but as some of you know, i couldnt find anywhere to live after splitting up with the ex, and had to sofa surf for quite some time.
Luckily now, I have my own flat, kinda my own internet access, and things are going good!
In more good news, my bands doing our very first gig on the 28th may should be amazing :D Anyone in the plymouth area is invited to come :) PM me for details. No doubt one of my mates will record most of it in HD and stick on youtube so I'll post it on here when Its done :)
Hope everyones ok :)
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