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Sunday, May 22, 2011

back... (for real this time)

Current mood: accomplished

Long time no see UG!
Unfortunately, I've been away for a while, from previous blogs, you might be able to suss out why. In my old flat I did have access to an internet hotspot, but for some reason, it disapeared.
However, Now im in a brand spanking new classy flat, with my own 24/7 internet connection :D Life is good.
Cant wait to start posting on forums etc again :D
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Monday, April 26, 2010


Current mood: happy

So, after possibly the toughest times in my entire life, Im back on UG!
Apologies for not being only for the last few months, but as some of you know, i couldnt find anywhere to live after splitting up with the ex, and had to sofa surf for quite some time.
Luckily now, I have my own flat, kinda my own internet access, and things are going good!
In more good news, my bands doing our very first gig on the 28th may should be amazing :D Anyone in the plymouth area is invited to come :) PM me for details. No doubt one of my mates will record most of it in HD and stick on youtube so I'll post it on here when Its done :)
Hope everyones ok :)
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

my amazing week!!

Current mood: cheerful, happy, ecstatic!

I gotta say, this week has been the best week I've had in a verryyyy long time!
Ill start with the good news (although its all good news :D )
I asked sophie out today and she said yes :D w00p w00p! no longer single! and have an amazing gf! (pics to follow!)
My birthday was on sunday, and I had an amazing time! Loads of my mates came out for drinks, and dancing and I didnt end up in hospital! My mum and sister also came out, which leads me to...
Me and my sister now get along!
For the last 7 or 8 years, we absolutely hated each other. To the point where I couldnt live in the same house as her (and probably the same with her). But she came out randomly on my birthday, and we apologised to each other for the arguments we had, and are now ace! Good times!
Also, I should be moving out during the christmas period! I've been living on sofas for the last 4 months, and its been a nightmare. Im currently living at my brothers, but with all the overtime I'm doing, me and my mate ash have decided to get a 2 bed flat in the next month or so! So ill finally have a bed, and my own room! Awesome!
With all the strikes in Royal mail (I work at royal mail) it means theres been a massive need for overtime, so i've been working my butt off daily, sometimes doing 16 / 17 hour shifts, and that should help me clear off some of my debt!
In other work related news, I've improved so much, im now getting a monthly bonus of £120 ontop of my wages, instead of the £30 I was getting! Happy days!
Anywho, I gotta end it there, me and soph are meeting up in under an hour and i cant wait :D
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Sunday, November 01, 2009

today, i built up the courage!

Current mood: ecstatic

Well, considering its been 3 or 4 months or whatever it is since i split up with my fiance, i decided its time to properly move on.
So today, in work, I decided to ask for one of the hot canteen girls (that i've been interested in for a few weeks now) numbers during my dinner break.
So I spent the day, building up the courage, went in on my dinner break and....
got it :D yey me.
So now we been texting pretty much all day. Lifted my spirits up during my 16 hour shift! And who says all royal mail employees should be sacked >.>
awesome :D
1:34 am - 4 comments - 5 Kudos
Friday, October 23, 2009

mail strikes... w00p

Current mood: mellow

So, as some know, I work for royal mail, and yes, they are striking!
My office was on strike today, but i turned up for work, after all, if no ones feeding mail into the system, i have nothing to do!
I ended up sitting around for hours chattin to mates, and getting paid for it. Awesome.
Fortunatly, it also means a massive load of overtime! Great for christmas, so its currently 2.30pm, and im off to bed, Gotta get up for 1am, and finish work at 7pm.
go me.
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

exciting night out!

Current mood: sore

So, i finally get the internet back! w00p! Cant believe ive missed it so much! Back to modding UG now :D
Anywho, Im currently living on my brothers couch, not the best situation to be in, especially considering its not long enough to sleep on so I have to curl into a ball!
I went out on sunday night to a good friends leaving party, unfortunatly she quit royal mail :( good luck to her though.
Usually on a night out, ill get pretty drunk, but this wasnt the case! I may have had quite a few beers, but still not drunk. However, I did fall over and smash the back of my head on a metal piller, thus rendering me unconcious! I cant remember a thing since then, but my good friends, met me at the hospital and when the doctors told them I'd be ok, they decided to have a bit of fun with my body!
Thats right, the decided to play with my face etc and take pictures of it! Some of which are uploaded to my UG photos section (the other 20 are on my facebook!) :)
I ended up spending a few hours unconcious in the hospital, with an incredibly sore head, and an IV drip attached to my hand.
3 IV drips later, I was apparently discharged and woke up in ash's house feeling like crap!
http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/profile_mojo_da ta/4/1/2/2/412242/pics/_c711904_image_0.jpg

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/profile_mojo_da ta/4/1/2/2/412242/pics/_c711902_image_0.jpg

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/profile_mojo_da ta/4/1/2/2/412242/pics/_c711900_image_0.jpg
Although, the night ended up in hospital, it was an amazing evening.
Good times.

12:50 pm - 1 comments - 2 Kudos
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bad to worse

Current mood: depressed

ok, so things might have been going ok considering the circumstances recently, until today.
As some know, I split up with my fiance a few weeks back. I have to be out of our house by the 20th of august, so I was gonna move back with my parents for a month then share with my bro.
But my mum just told me shes moving away back up north, a good 600 or so miles away so i can stay at hers any more.
My brother just phoned to tell me the room isnt avail any more because the flatmate who was meant to be moving out, decided not to.
So i have 24 days to find somewhere to live, pay for it and also the deposit while having no money at all, go through all the credit checks, or im homeless.
And i mean, actually homeless. I have no where to go :( My stuffs all in my mates shed apart from my laptop.
5:37 am - 5 comments - 2 Kudos
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

so, after a binge drink / smoke...

Current mood: thoughtful

so, alot of shit happened today, which im not gonna get into.
After several hours of binge drinking and smoking (normal smokes, you stoners) I decided to ask an ex on a date. To which she agreed.
Maybe it'll be a good thing? who knows. Ill keep you informed.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life update!

Current mood: happy

Welll, im a bit bored, so i thought id let those interested know whats happening with me lately :D
As some know, i broke up with my long term gf / fiance a month ago or so. We both moving on so thats all cool. Been meeting up with a girl I know from work, who is pretty awesome.
Also been going out alot more recently. Check out my profile pictures. Ive recently discovered a love for dancing in nightclubs! Never thought I would, but its happened.
In work related news, I've decided to step down as deputy manager within the royal mail. Ive had arguments with higher management about certain things and I felt Id prefer to work with my friends there than become an ass and treat them like shit. Even tho it means a pay decrease, im fine with it.
Also, Im getting a 'serious warning' from work, due to the fact i told my mate to "fuck off". Who was also managing my team at the time.
However, all in all, i feel amazing. Lifes great.
*big thumbs up*
I hope you're all good!
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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

So im in a band :D

Current mood: excited

how awesome is that! After years of playing on my own, I finally get asked to join a band! Apparently its a cover band playing ACDC / ZZ top or whatever. But who cares, a band is a band.
Cant wait. Gonna get practicing asap :D
yeyeyey :D
7:53 pm - 1 comments - 2 Kudos
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