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Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog 3

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I'm Jake, a discontent simpleton with the foul taste of
lower-class British poverty still rotting away the backs of my gums.
I don't like to write poetry, I don't love the smiths, I don't think
Someone's 'uncomfortable with their sexuality' if they choose not to run around
touching men's genitals after a night of binge drinking, I'm a patriot,
but not the sporty kind of patriot who does nothing but embarrass their own
nation, I'm a fan of welsh culture and proud to be part of the legacy,
I do not feel that anyone who screams down their microphone should be deemed
a singer, nor do I think it a good idea to label them with such band titles as
'throat' it just makes you all sound like cunts....which you are.
Pantera are shit.
dream theater are shit.
Anyone who wants to jump forward and benevolently stroke their own greasy metal penises
by demanding I take it back....can fuck off.
Speed metal, and guitar wanking has nothing appealing about it, nor do I believe
that it should give shit musicians an excuse for their poor shortcomings,
Any decency or integrity in the music industry died many, many years ago,
mainstream magazines we're designed by resentful suit wearing clean-cut corporate homos, who wanted
to make people feel ugly, but then again any stupid fuck who wants to sit and flick
through page upon page of photos of people who appear happier than them probably shouldn't
commit their time to doing anything else bar vomiting on their toothbrushes all day.
I don't like myspace but then again I'm not going to sit here and take a moral
stand against it when I'm consciously aware that I use it every day. it's like smoking,
you want to stop but you just don't.
Anyway that's me for you, fortunately no one reads these little people-summaries anyway,
heh...what a waste of time this was,



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