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Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog 2

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where to begin 'ey?

most internet forums I stumble across seem to have this mentality in which in order to judge someone's humanity you first measure the level of intelligence of which they're at, this should never be the case...
in life, you come across many people some slow some sharp, some bright some not so bright and what you first would go about judging them by, naturally, would be what type of a person they are on a general scope, are they kind? virtuous? are they all around decent?
forums don't count for dyslexia, ignorance,
the cold and heartless regime in which most forums spend the majority of their time impolitely singling out people of lesser academic intelligence so to 'get one over on them' in their small factions and inner circles is on the whole disgusting i find.
And then you have post counts, for some reason the higher this is should suggest again a higher status of humanity, I've been here longer so it justifies me saying anything' which again is disgusting, as that proves nothing.
For someones attitude to progressively change towards people due to the fact that they've sat on their ass in a forum a bit longer again in no way can be condoned as a measurement of their humanity, and in no way makes them any better than someone on their first post.
The sheer fact that some people have the arrogance to sit there behind the comfort of their computer and mock people without provocation so to somehow further their social status in these kind of places so a bunch of people they've never met can e-clap their fucking hands, it's all rather childish to begin with.

a perfect example of this would be the next post in this thread being a comment which completely misreads the point of this rant and posts something along the lines of 'why don't you just not post on internet forums then' my answer to this would be that even if this is sometimes the case, most forums do have a small faction of lovely people worth talking to in them.
This place has many, I've talked to a good few people already, who seem to be quite lovely...really!
any other sarcastic post or immediate attempt to put down this rant again only further proves my point and anything completely off topic in the attempt to fuel humor through sarcasm, which isn't exactly an impressive thing to do, it's quite easy to sit there and think up something to say in poor humor again only fuels more proof that I'm right here.

- How to achieve 'eudimonia' in a forum, (eudimonia being Aristotle's moral basis on how to flourish and live a perfect life)

it's quite simple really, try to have a larger balance of positive contributions, if someones a complete idiot( more room for a sarcastic comment with this claim) then explain to them why they are being a complete idiot in a polite and civil fashion, if you don't like what someone said politely discuss your point, by all means I'm not asking you to not disagree with anyone, quite the contrary i understand that the point of forums is to discuss and to differ in opinions, i personally see it as a learning experience when i enter forums.
And to finally go about your posting with this last point in your head 'if i was in a pub would they kick my face in for saying this' Smile

there, my first rant. Smile

feel free to say what you want about it, on the basis that you follow my rules and flourish! Big Grin *dances round the maypole*
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