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Friday, January 18, 2008

Newly a dad :)

On the 17th of January at 22:27 Joshua Kinsey Evans weighing in at 8.7 pounds arrived. :)
I've put up some pictures, He's not cried once since, quietest and happiest baby on the ward. He's left a good few poops for me alreayd though and taken a pee on the pair of us.
He's healthy as can be and has his daddys eyes. :)

Just thought I'd let you all know,


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Monday, January 14, 2008

Any other therapy? fans out there?

I was thinking of making a group for fans, Anyone else enjoy listening to them let me know to see how many members I could get.
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog 5

So i gigged tonight in the black horse, not a bad gig tonight i guess following a pretty good gig yesterday in the gate house. I really have been meaning to post some bulletins about these gigs to let people know.
Anyway, i got me a job :D they're trusting me with your pints would you believe starting thursday in the King hotel, got to work somewhere haven't you.
Anyway, bands doing alright, I'll be a proud father in three weeks, flats looking alright. We got our tree up looking all pretty and what†not, If you didn't catch Parkinsons last ver show tonight you should be ashamed of yourself. Great show, who would have thought Peter Kay could be funny ey?
So anyway, i realise i haven't been very responsive on this thing the ast couple of months but i am here, I'm paying attention so give me a shout if you feel like a chat or anything.

Love and all the rest of it.

Merry almost christmas,


P.s Phil, if you read this Luna should be booked in this week with the pdsa, hope your still interested in taking the dopey shit off our hands mate,
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog 4

As i've said before i'm striding to make the blogs in this place, slowly but surely half decent to read, so i guess i'll try and go into some more personal detail this time.
So read,
My Father, as good a father as he was seemingly divorced my mother about 8 years ago and prior to this had been seperated a number of years, the divorce itself was so hard on me i'm almost sure i've managed to surpress a lot from it, this was due to the unwillingness of my father to divorce my mother like she wanted, the minipulation of me and my brother as children to aid one another and hurt each other over the course of the divorce. The reasoning behind the break up itself, and the extremist behaviour of family members during this period of time, not to mention a lot of upset loved ones.
Anyway, i'm not here to go on about that that's all in the past i guess, so what am i gibbering on about ey? after this evidently both parents moved on, my mother has been with her partner Wayne for around 8 years now, and i can't say apart from the odd family fight here and there there have been too many problems regarding this. My father however eventually ended up marrying my stepmother, a wolf in sheeps clothing so it later became noticed. before the marrage, everything was peachy, i visited along with my brother and nothing was too bad, after the marrage we were suddenly banned from her house due to my brothers behaviour. what the fuck happened there?....not entirely sure.
they've had a little girl since then, who is 1 years old and i have managed to see 4 times, twice more than my grandmother and grandfather, and not even a small fraction of the ammount of time their social circles and his wifes side of the family have seen the baby.
It's a horrible thing, especially considering there's another one on the way i'll probably not see either.
Anyway, so, once provided with the opertunity to go up for a visit on her first birthday, just so we can be paraded round to anyone there as a charity case, his mongrel ex-family still being allowed to have contact with their beloved new daughter, grand-daughter, niece etc.
We still we're ofcourse unable to say† no, regardless of the pain of having to put up with his wife and her family it's worth it to see my sister who i would always make time to see., so we went up, for a couple of hours it was juast me, my bro, my dad, natalie and my little sis Anya. All was well as it can be, my father as per usual blagged on in a sarcastic manner after every attempt to make conversation but evidently i'm used to this so it doesn't really seem to do much to drag the mood down these days.
Anya was as peachy as ever. :)
Then the munsters returned home and a train of people lead by his wife, flew through the back room chatting away, completely oblivious to us being there, picked up anya and flew through into the other sitting room, leaving only me, my brother and natalie in the room,
I can now say i understand exactly how the jews felt during the nazi persectution campaign of world war 2, i've never felt so segrigated, and the feeling was mutual with Natalie, who none of these people had met at this poin, and to be honest it didn't look like any of them wanted to have to bother meeting her either.
As always we were the outcasted, second family of David, my dad pulled out the camera and brought Anya back in briefly for a couple of photos, just for some ammunition to say to people we were there if we were to ever bring up the situation of not seeing her, or maybe so he can sleep at night, i'm not entirely sure. Anyway upon leaving my father felt it was rude of us to not have said goodbye to all these people who had had so little time for us, so being put in the awkward position me and Natalie said goodbye to the cunts and went on our way back home as fast as we fucking could.
Later evidently i had a long winded arguement with my father which only lead to me swimming in a vortex of lies he was spouting at me about how welcome we really are at his house.

So there it is, my visit to my sis.

rant number 4,

hope somebody read,

Dont care if they enjoyed.



x x
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog 3

Current mood: accomplished

I'm Jake, a discontent simpleton with the foul taste of
lower-class British poverty still rotting away the backs of my gums.
I don't like to write poetry, I don't love the smiths, I don't think
Someone's 'uncomfortable with their sexuality' if they choose not to run around
touching men's genitals after a night of binge drinking, I'm a patriot,
but not the sporty kind of patriot who does nothing but embarrass their own
nation, I'm a fan of welsh culture and proud to be part of the legacy,
I do not feel that anyone who screams down their microphone should be deemed
a singer, nor do I think it a good idea to label them with such band titles as
'throat' it just makes you all sound like cunts....which you are.
Pantera are shit.
dream theater are shit.
Anyone who wants to jump forward and benevolently stroke their own greasy metal penises
by demanding I take it back....can fuck off.
Speed metal, and guitar wanking has nothing appealing about it, nor do I believe
that it should give shit musicians an excuse for their poor shortcomings,
Any decency or integrity in the music industry died many, many years ago,
mainstream magazines we're designed by resentful suit wearing clean-cut corporate homos, who wanted
to make people feel ugly, but then again any stupid fuck who wants to sit and flick
through page upon page of photos of people who appear happier than them probably shouldn't
commit their time to doing anything else bar vomiting on their toothbrushes all day.
I don't like myspace but then again I'm not going to sit here and take a moral
stand against it when I'm consciously aware that I use it every day. it's like smoking,
you want to stop but you just don't.
Anyway that's me for you, fortunately no one reads these little people-summaries anyway,
heh...what a waste of time this was,



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Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog 2

Current mood: accomplished


where to begin 'ey?

most internet forums I stumble across seem to have this mentality in which in order to judge someone's humanity you first measure the level of intelligence of which they're at, this should never be the case...
in life, you come across many people some slow some sharp, some bright some not so bright and what you first would go about judging them by, naturally, would be what type of a person they are on a general scope, are they kind? virtuous? are they all around decent?
forums don't count for dyslexia, ignorance,
the cold and heartless regime in which most forums spend the majority of their time impolitely singling out people of lesser academic intelligence so to 'get one over on them' in their small factions and inner circles is on the whole disgusting i find.
And then you have post counts, for some reason the higher this is should suggest again a higher status of humanity, I've been here longer so it justifies me saying anything' which again is disgusting, as that proves nothing.
For someones attitude to progressively change towards people due to the fact that they've sat on their ass in a forum a bit longer again in no way can be condoned as a measurement of their humanity, and in no way makes them any better than someone on their first post.
The sheer fact that some people have the arrogance to sit there behind the comfort of their computer and mock people without provocation so to somehow further their social status in these kind of places so a bunch of people they've never met can e-clap their fucking hands, it's all rather childish to begin with.

a perfect example of this would be the next post in this thread being a comment which completely misreads the point of this rant and posts something along the lines of 'why don't you just not post on internet forums then' my answer to this would be that even if this is sometimes the case, most forums do have a small faction of lovely people worth talking to in them.
This place has many, I've talked to a good few people already, who seem to be quite lovely...really!
any other sarcastic post or immediate attempt to put down this rant again only further proves my point and anything completely off topic in the attempt to fuel humor through sarcasm, which isn't exactly an impressive thing to do, it's quite easy to sit there and think up something to say in poor humor again only fuels more proof that I'm right here.

- How to achieve 'eudimonia' in a forum, (eudimonia being Aristotle's moral basis on how to flourish and live a perfect life)

it's quite simple really, try to have a larger balance of positive contributions, if someones a complete idiot( more room for a sarcastic comment with this claim) then explain to them why they are being a complete idiot in a polite and civil fashion, if you don't like what someone said politely discuss your point, by all means I'm not asking you to not disagree with anyone, quite the contrary i understand that the point of forums is to discuss and to differ in opinions, i personally see it as a learning experience when i enter forums.
And to finally go about your posting with this last point in your head 'if i was in a pub would they kick my face in for saying this' Smile

there, my first rant. Smile

feel free to say what you want about it, on the basis that you follow my rules and flourish! Big Grin *dances round the maypole*
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog 1

Current mood: accomplished

Just thought I'd get the barrel rolling with some old blogs.
But What has made me hesitate to post blogs is the fact that the majority of them would be futile, and of no point. Why waste my time.
But alas, i have decided finally the time has come for me to actually put out a blog, and like the majority i have a lot to complain about.
So my first blog/ rant is in relation with my financial situation and the matter of my current housing specifically outlining swansea council housing.

Swansea council housing being the over-payed, under-stimulated, under-educated, drueling fuck-ups they are, have left me nothing but the bitter taste of dissapointment in my mouth since the day i began hunting for a 2 bedroom house.
It seems these days,†It would be†impossible†give a house to 2 students, with a baby on the way, with no job experience, and a number of reasons rendering one if not both unable to find full-time employment.
Instead of giving a house to them (them being me and my girlfriend) who are, infact fittingly able to honestly tick off every circumstance that permits us for council housing bar one.
That one being the reason we, are livig on crack alley, in a one bedroom apartment that smells like shite. living off my girlfriends £45 a week and whatever money my in-debt mother can scrape together for me at the end of the week whilst i drop out of college and try desperately to find a job that will pay enough to financially support a family of three at 17 years old.
INSTEAD, they have the nerve to give these houses to foreigners, many of which are perfectly, financially capable enough to private rent or even take out a mortgage, but ofcourse choose fairly to cut prices by taking the houses up from under the noses of the people who were born here.
So by now i'd be thinking i am to be put on a waiting list under 4999 middle class, employed arabs, but no. Aparently it's not only ok to out a 16 year old, manic depressed girl to live on her own in such a disgusing street but i should have to move in and claim jsa and raise the the child in that god forsaken place until the age of 5, did anyone else sleep with their parents 'till the age of 5 here?
My girlfriend, who IS the most wonderfull woman in the world, unfortunately isn't as able to wake up in the morning and force herself to be as optimistic as i have to make myself every day for risk of hanging myself from the kitchen lightbulb, which is perfectly reasonable. She's depressed, it's medical, and it's quite common in our modern society of fast food, vast over-pricing, rising property values, model magazines, and on the go, business lifestyles.
What can be done about it, well firstly they choose to take away her councilor and then decide it's safe to put someone who is pregnant and at the same time that unstable, in the situation shes in onto a 4 month waiting list to sit in a room with a councillor and a social worker for 5 minutes so they can strongly and sternly reccomend, off the record ofcourse, that she go out and get an abortion whilst she still can.
What the fuck was i thinking? to believe that the tax payers money was meant to benefit the people in the worst situations who actually try to get out of these situations, the government have made it so anyone in a financial situation in which they claim benefits off the government, would be more well off staying in the situation that they're in than going out and working, we live in a lazy generation, partly due to british wealth, partly due to over-eating, partly due to unhealthy diets and very much so recently i've discovered that for the majority of the working class their more likely to gain a reasonable income for sitting on their arse than for actually working.
The people who pass these legislations, and make these rules, as far as i'm concerned can drown themselves in a bucket of pig shit as far as i'm concerned, i was never†a racist, but when i find out that unfortunately the private rent two bedroom house next to my grandmothers and aunties that was up for rent has been given to yet another polish family, stealing work from my step-father and every other honest skimmer in swansea at cheaper prices so they can send the money home to their country to relatives who can live rich on the exchange whilst british citizens live unemployed and unable to get anywhere onto the property ladder or with the council it tends to make me want to lay a brick onto their graves when they die by my hands.

Anyway, this is my first of many generic rants about how the life and system fucks meand the majorityof the working class these days†over and over in the arse like a wash cycle.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Jake, The complainer.
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