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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Necrophagist Discography Progress

Upon getting my Xiphos, I have now a great desire to learn all of Necrophagist's Discography. Some might never happen, due to being through played and having far too much to remember, but others have potential.
Here is my Progress and experience with these songs so far.
Onset of Putrefaction notes

1."Foul Body Autopsy" About halfway done, If I were to learn it with a serious mindset, I could get it in a few days.

2."To Breathe in a Casket" Actually pretty fun. Albeit no solo. Needs alot of memorization. Alot.

3."Mutilate the Stillborn" Creepily Bright parts. Could Probably get it if I played it a bit more. I know the lead.

4."Intestinal Incubation" Whole tones. Some good riffing. Working on intro riffing. Like the solo. Difficult.

5."Culinary Hyperversity" Done!

6."Advanced Corpse Tumor" Solo is done well. Thats pretty much it. Ive played through it and studied the structure, and if I wanted to put hours upon hours into it...

7."Extreme Unction" Fairly memorable Riffing. Doable.

8."Fermented Offal Discharge" DONE!

9."Dismembered Self-Immolation" Unattempted

10."Pseudopathological Vivisection" Unattempted
Epitaph notes

1."Stabwound" Know the entire song, and can play it well. Thought of recording it.

2."The Stillborn One" DONE!

3."Ignominious and Pale" Riffing is intense. Slowly learning it. Know intro and Solo.

4."Diminished to B" Can play Intro, and realized the riffing could be harder.

5."Epitaph" Done!

6."Only Ash Remains" Have the Intro parts down, the outro, and almost all the riffing. Solo is very possible.

7."Seven" Working on it, Some memory issues, but I think I can get it.

8."Symbiotic in Theory" Figure Ill learn the awesome solo and some select riffs.
The Path to Naught

Dawn and Demise
Wish me luck guys, Ill need it.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Guitarist Idols...

Everybodys got a few people who they admire and aspire to be like, so I decided to make a list of my favorite guitarists in detail. And in no particular order...
Portuguese Boy and MJK Shreds, These guys have helped me out alot, and Have given me many tips on playing. Thanks guys.

MAB. He has mad skillz with his amazing two guitar tapping. That Ambidextrous Bastard.
Paul Gilbert. An Amazing string skipper, Great song writer, and Also the human capo idea is freaking brilliant.
Micheal Romeo. Awesome player, And Awe Inspiring Tapping combined with String Skipping.
Malmsteen. Amazing shredder with complex licks that have stumped me on many occasions.
Chris Broderick. This guy I give alot of props to. His Betcha can't play this videos are amazing, with his left and right hand arpeggio tapping. Also, He's got some sweet classical music.
Jari Mäenpää From Ensiferum. I watched some of this guys solos, and he puts alot of feel into even the fastest bits.
Buckethead. One of the weirdest guitarists playing wise (and Outside of playing)This guy does some amazing stuff, almost unreplicatible by anyone else.

Rusty Cooley. This Man has mad sweeps, and has made me seriously rethink the way I sweep, making me do a total technique analysis. Few people have made me do this, and this guy is amazing. 
Muhammed Suicmez. Makes amazing Use of Minor and Diminished shapes, Shreds amazingly, and Can compose some awesome riffs. And then throw together a classical touch, and you get a great solo. This man has also made me rethink my technique, mostly around sweep tapping and scale shapes.
If you haven't heard of any one of these guys, Get off of this site, goto youtube, Find a video of them, and Watch it. Then come back, and look at some tabs.
Now If you excuse me, I need to practice some sweeps...

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