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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Never Surrender to Spammers

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One of the biggest problems that I've had while I have been on this website is the sheer amount of crap that I've had to put up with from some of the people who read my lessons and reviews. I have always done my best to make my lessons and reviews as easy to follow as possible, and always point out any problems with them that occur to me so that nobody gets confused.

Well apparently some people don't seem to get that I was simply trying help people out as a few people simply started looking for new submissions of mine and simply rating them low to make sure nobody else looked at them. I am all for everybody else's opinion but this just felt like cyber-bullying to me.

The reason why I have not submitted a lesson to this site is not what I've just said however. A while back I was contacted by the administrator of this website and offered a job to write lessons for another website, on the condition that they were exclusive to this website he named. Any more information on this will have to come from him and not me, but I'm simply happy that somebody wanted me to keep on posting the lessons that I had been writing.

I am not arrogant and don't consider myself better than anyone, heck I don't consider myself a 'complete' musician yet as there's still a lot for me to learn. However, if someone has hired me to write lessons then that surely must mean that they aren't useless as some people claim them to be. I never started writing with the intention of being hired. I just wanted to get more guitarists further along in their playing.

If anybody want's help with guitar then give me a shout; if anybody wants to know my opinion on their hardware then let me know: if people think I've missed something out with my lessons then I'll gladly give them a second check to be sure; if people want to follow my lessons to mark them down simply because I don't speak in their accent or use long sentences that are impossible to follow, then get stuffed.

Thanks for reading this far and I'm sorry if I've offended anyone.
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