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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

updates... they're EVERYWHERE!!!

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So today I've been trying to update my T-mobile G2 aka HTC Hero.

The phone is stuck using Android 1.5 which, when taking into consideration the phone's predecessor is using 1.6 and the rest of the Android using phones are up to 2.0 or 2.1, is unacceptable. I hadn't been too bothered by the OS version as I thought the phone had been working well and was fulfilling my needs. Apparently I was wrong.

Yesterday I found out that I hadn't been receiving all my text messages and that sometimes, even when both phones have a signal, my phone decides it doesn't fancy going through the effort of connecting.

I thought I'd try getting the phone's software upgraded to see if this fixed anything. The 2.1 upgrade is expected in a few days and to cut a long story short I have to get an upgrade to allow me to get an upgrade which will allow me to upgrade to Android 2.1. Great, fantastic, technology today should mean this is simple right?

Most stuff is plug and play or drag and drop. How hard can it be?

Here's the punchline. My laptop is apparently too up to date to allow the update to be applied properly. Windows 7 64 creates so many problems when trying to update to the ROM version that came out just after I bought my phone that it's proven nigh on impossible to sort out. I've tried the latest version of HTC sync which is meant to support Windows 7 natively. I've tried using older versions with work-arounds using Vista 64 bit drivers to allow my phone to be recognised by the software. It works right up until the moment I start the ROM update at which point the program decides to go "wait, you expect me to actually do something? lolnah. Here, have some stress."

The only other possibility I've been able to find on the net is faulty USB ports, but I've tried all 3 on my laptop and every other device I've tried is working. Another thing suggesting that this isn't the problem is the fact that it ONLY disconnects when I try to run the update.

So now I'm exactly where I started 3 hours ago except marginally more pissed off.

And now I've wasted more time typing this out.

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claytonator666 wrote on Jul 14th, 2010 6:41pm

i hear ya mate


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