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ehbacon (2)
Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I'm such a fail. this makes me feel like throughin

Current mood: depressed

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I'm such a fail. this is the second time i've broken the high e string, i don't blame my self for the first time, i was messing round and tried to tune the high e to a g.... fail.(that was my acoustic. it happend 2 days ago.), but the second time, today., i mean i was just fixing my bridge, i had losened the strings, tightend the bridge, and i was tuning, haven't even gotton to e get, and it snapped! this was on my electric. gonna have to go and order some new strings again! i just put some new ones on not long ago. :,( i'm gonna change the gauge this time though. 

not to mention after wards i through my guitar on me bed, and it hit the wall, and made a hole!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! i feel like bawling my eyes out! 
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ehbacon wrote on Oct 13th, 2013 3:09pm

happens to the best of us


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