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crazysam23_Atax wrote on Jul 24th, 2012 8:58pm

You sure know how to alienate half the important members of the Pit, man.


Duce180 wrote on Sep 18th, 2011 1:05am

Great song man. Let me know if you release anything else.


stephen_rettie wrote on Jun 26th, 2011 5:18am

Thanks for the crit man! I'm uncomfortably aware that instrumental rock is difficult to make interesting and I'm not much of a shredder so I've been making shorter songs to just get my point across basically. Short and sweet is the thought behind it haha.

Again thanks for the crit :)


danza bonanza wrote on Mar 15th, 2011 8:00am

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my song man, I really appreciate it.


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