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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Biffy Review

Current mood: nostalgic

Keep an eye out for my Biffy Clyro review, coming soon ie as soon as it i reviewed by the good people at
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Biffy Clyro; review to follow...

Current mood: excited

Myself and my friends are off to see BIffy Clyro in two weeks time, watch this space for a review of the gig... 

If I find the time I might write up reviews of the gigs I've been to in the past... Manic Street Preachers, Velvet Revolver, The Darkness and plenty of small local UK bands including tribute bands.

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Who am I to interfere with fate, for I am no more divine than the next man...
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The new Guns N' Roses should be called The Axl Ros

Guns N' Roses should be called The Axl Rose Band - heres the reasons why:

1 - Even if, like myself, you think that the new GN'R album (Chinese Democracy) is actually quite good, it sounds nothing like the original band that made Guns N' Roses the household name we all know.

2 - Axl would have sold waaaay more albums if he'd released Chinese Democracy as a solo album or as a new band, say under the name of 'The Axl Rose Band'.

3 - If Axl had let the GN'R name die out when the original members split in the 90's and hadn't attempted to ever buy out the GN'R 'franchise' from the other members, he'd be a much less hated name in the rock n' roll world.

4 - With mention of a new album in the pipeline, unlike 'Guns N' Roses' the 'Axl Rose Band' wouldn't receive such grief as this (read the comments at the bottom of the page)

5 - The current line up of the Guns N' Roses is a group of musically talented guys, and were it not for Axl desperately holding onto the GN'R name, a group of musicians that would form a respectable band. Axl's obsession with keeping the name has lead him to bad press, which hasn't done any more good for the rest of the line up.

6 - If GN'R as a franchise had died out when the band split in the 90's the Guns N' Roses we all know and love would have had a much less tarnished history and would have even more fans today, and they wouldn't be either 'new' or 'old' fans. And those who like both the 'old' and 'new' GN'R, like myself, would feel as though they were on the fence, or had to choose, 'cause we'd be able to like two completely separate bands.

7 - GN'R pre 1993 and GN'R post 1993 ARE two separate bands!

I hope many people agree with me here, I doubt much will happen of the back of this, but I see it as a sort of petition to get Axl to drop the Guns N' Roses name, but as history has shown us; Axl is a stubborn and metaphorically 'culturally-deaf' man that would have otherwise been a legend of the music world.

Please also, should anyone have taken an interest in this and read this far, take a minute to like the facebook page I've make for this petition like blog, and feel free to comment both here and on the facebook page...

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