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Thursday, August 25, 2011

pedalz sites

Did this while at work so I could save it to my favorites when I get home. Also for sharing! ob rtion/index.html ality/

Raw cable OD&Store_Code=BMI&Product_Code=CA-0393& ;Category_Code=GUITAR CABLE.shtml Partnumber=100-297 tml 0awg-gui-cable-bla-164f.aspx
Tubes? .cfm?srchExt=CAT&srchCat=459&CFID=38547089 &CFTOKEN=97963342

Payncaykes? en=PROD&Product_Code=32-232x20 GY&Store_Code=BMI&Category_Code=PHONE_PLUG S

Datasheet archive
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fresh Start?

Well, I have recently started working at an environmental consulting firm. It's an 8 a.m.-5 p.m. job which leaves very little time during the week to crank my amp. :(
I play alone now mostly since the guys I was in a band with sort of phased me out...but that's another story.
I don't really know what to say in this blog, hell, I don't even really write one that regularly. All I know is my past blogs were all about me setting goals, then I'd whine about them when I couldn't attain said goals.
So, basically, with new paychecks coming in at the cost of time, it appears as if my rig will be going through some changes. There are some things I'd like to do, such as build a bass rig, get a 1x12 speaker cab for the Laney or a stereo 2x12 or 4x12, turn the F-50 combo into a head and possibly learn drums/get a set. I'd also like to mod some pedals and swap electronics in my guitars.
Let's see how this one goes...
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winter 09

So last winter and summer I set goals of maybe getting into pedal and cable building...EPIC. FAIL.

This winter, I am gonna try and do some things as well: Mod my Small Clone to be usable as a tremolo as well as a chorus. But I''m gonna start slow with adding a depth pot, then doing the tremolo mod later.

Second, we will definitely try making a demo with my band, Solid Ground.

Third, spend time with my girlfriend, friends and try to hit the slopes and ski as much as possible. Family is secondary :p:

Wish me luck guys...
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Post Winter Break

Well, once again, a slight bit of failure on my part. Then again, I shouldn't really say MY...because it wasn't just me. The other guitarist, George, and our drummer, Brendan, also play in another band (which pretty much formed because of me, yet I am not in it...thats another story).They have shows because they have a singer. Whatever. They were busy at times and our bassist, Ed, was taking summer classes. I, as I usually do, had a lot of free time. So I spent it either playing guitar or with a lady friend of mine.

Anyway, no demo, no shows, still no singer. Either George or Ed could possibly be a singer, but right now....I don't know.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Break

Well I set high expectations for my band and myself over Summer break, and those crashed and burned. Not really a fault of mine or the bandmates, but I didnt have the time to make cables or pedals. I guess I could have MADE the time, but then I think my summer wouldn't have been as fun .

Anyway, the ONE goal I am making is more of a band goal; to record our demo. We have almost 10 complete songs, but nothing truly recorded. So UG....stay tuned...
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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Post Summer

Well, it is September 6th and summer is officially over. I have been at school for almost a week already and most of the stuff i said i wanted to do in my "Summer Tinkering" blog went undone. No pedal building, no cables, no demo.

But a bunch of other stuff went down. For one I worked 2 jobs and saved enough money to build and expand my pedalboard. Eventually i will get some pics of it up here. Probably the next time I go home. Anyway, Along with my tuner and Small Clone, I added a BBE sonic stomp, Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive and a T.C. Electronics Nova Delay to the mix. Only problem now is since Im running them all off daisy chain i keep getting a little pedal noise on my clean channel. Once i switch to the OD channel...well...i just cant stop playing or it is hiss city.

To rememdy this i think I'm going to get a voodoo labs pedal power 2+. it seems like the answer to my problems. Well at least my noise problems. Buying pedals and freaking books for school has set me back down to about $90 US. Looks like I'm waiting until christmas!!!

Anyway, regarding Solid Ground, we made a lot of progress this summer. We have something like 6 or 7 songs done and another 2 or 3 almost fully laid out. Our only problem is we have yet to record them because we didnt have a vocalist. Until now. We found this kid on craigslist and arranged a practice with him. We played our version of Ohio by Neil Young, Sober by Tool and improved Paradise City. The guy aint bad. And right now we will take about any decent vocalist.

Well, right now I am not sure what else to write until next time!!!
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Summer Tinkering: The Plan

Current mood: anxious

Well, I doubt many people will read this as I only have two friends when I this is being written. Anyway, with my first year of college comming to and end and the summer coming up I am going to have more time to focus on what I love, my music and my gear.

Right now I am basically the "tech" for my band, Soild Groud ( basically because I'm the one who has the most electronics, gear, ect. knowledge. And since we are really going to get rolling now after about 4 years on and off, it looks like I am going to be taking this more seriously than ever. This past christmas me and my other guitarist, George, bought ourselves our first tube amps; Mesas. I got the F-50 and George got the  Express 5:50. Both excellent amps, but I wont lie, I like mine better .

Anyway, to the bog topic! With the fact I am going to be working two jobs (along with a 6 week grueling Bio course from May to June) I am going to have a steady cash flow. Along with buying some new pedals to finish my set up and a new guitar I will be set.

With the extra cash I have after that, I am hoping to start some small scale gear building. First I am going to start with building instrument cables. Simple, cheap and I should be able to even sell some and make somewhat of a profit. Custom lengths and possibly even colors. Next I want to start making some of my own stomp boxes. Starting simple at first like maybe ODs or a tremlo. Still not sure. Oh! and I want to start customizing my Squire Strat.

As you can see, along with trying to record our demo and book shows, I am going to have a busy summer. I would just like to keep a blog and keep updating it as to have a record and to see if I keep up with The Plan.
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