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Monday, February 15, 2010

The hunters and the hunted (story)

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prologue it all begins

My name is lucky and i am here to inform the youths of the evil of mankind as well as the existence of the supernatural and paranormal. it begins with a young boy of about nine months he's happy, his parents love him and both work good jobs the father a lawyer the mother a doctor one day before the father met his wife and had a son he accepted the case of a serial killer he gets the conviction but 15 years later he gets out on parole and comes seeking revenge. now let's jump forward a bit the man is happily married and has his son. one night he lays his son down to bed kisses his forehead and tucks him in he goes down to the living room opens a beer sitting down in his favorite chair the man turns on the T.V. somewhere in the house a solitary windows open and a shadowy figure crawls in a glint of silver in his hand and a glassy evil look in his cold soulless eyes he bends down and pulls a keg of gasoline in through the window with a fuse tied to it. he lights the fuse and sneaks around as the mans wife walks out of the bathroom and asks what he is doing he grabs her wrist and slits her throat the warm blood dripping down his hand the figures eyes light up "the excitement the thrill it's been so long he whispers in a raspy voice and walks into the living room  sneaking up on the man he stabs him multiple times he walks towards the stairs as the keg explodes  as the fire crawls along the walls like demons out of hell the figure walks into the boy's room as he is about to slit his throat a black mist trickles in through the open window and fills the home room as it dissipates the room is empty the boy is gone and the figure is bruise3d and beaten in the woods. now we we will jump forward the boy is 16 he is known as Lucky no last name no family only a gang that's not really a gang more a group of detectives solving murders in hopes of finding one man.
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