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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boredom and Apathy Kill More People Than Sharks

Current mood: frustrated

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Well, I got through my first year of college the same exact way that I got through my years of high school... By scraping the little scraps of my G.P.A. into one very small number. Its not exactly like I want to get through school as the lowest common denominator, its just that sometimes I feel a bit apathetic about schoolwork. Going to class is covered, as are papers and projects in both the beginning and end of a semester. I just find that I have a lot of trouble focusing, and caring, long enough to get through the middle of the year. I spend most of that 'free' time writing songs or learning music... Which I don't really see as a problem, seeing that I want to end up in performance anyway.

I've thought of leaving a few times. It is, IMO, a bad idea. Its not like its impossible... I care enough to get down and depressed about my school performance. I just don't care enough to correct it. I mean, I've corrected the problem a number of times. I stopped playing video games, stopped watching excessive TV, I never really did much with my friends, and, oddly enough, the period where I had a girlfriend I found my grades go UP. (Maybe because my outlook on life became a little more cheery... Maybe because there was a reason for life... Or, perhaps, it was because I was catching up on sleep in AP English) 

however, I think I may have found a small solution. This blogging area may be just what I need to spill. Yeah, I think this place to type and I may become really good friends.
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