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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

America, Contortionist Conformist? Or Why Everyone

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You ever pass by a herd of people that look the exact same, ex. The flow of kids in and out of Abercrombie, the kids hanging outside of EB Games or Dicks Sporting Goods? (Firstly, let me state that I don't understand the draw of shirts that barely fit, or pre-ripped pants. Shrink and rip your clothes yourselves... I had a pair of well-worn ripped chucks that my mother threw out, and I've still got pants with a crotch-tear. Get this straight. The shoes are still good, the pants aren't.) Well, I don't understand the low-lighting and chocking smell of Hollister, the draw of new shoes, or the reason that the PS3 is so awesome with its Blu-Ray. And sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't get it. And, as the throwback to some time when people were actually snowflakes, I simply lose out at democracy. I've always been voted down. Group project, D.A.R.E Vs. DRM? I lose, Why D.A.R.E is bad wins. Music coming from the stereo, Boston Vs. Foo Fighters Vs. Country? I lose, country wins. I guess thats what Democracy is, a way to force the minorities away. Yeah, I get 'come back with friends who share your views' but I haven't exactly met many kids who didn't take Coldplay's side on their relatively recent plagiarism suit. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm being pushed and pulled in awkward ways to become part of the mob. Take the radio, for instance. I no longer have an aversion to country music. I've actually got a recording for a friend where I break out country licks (On a Les Paul guitar, so they are well-enough Disguised for my tastes...) Sometimes I feel like individuality is a zero-sum game. Keep it up long enough, and you'll surround yourself with people who are just like you. Break, and you're surrounding someone else. But, sometimes I come out the winner. Lets take my friend's recordings. Layers and layers of slide guitar work. I won that round. I guess its the small victories that will keep me going, even though when I'm caught up in two-party business, like between my hipster friend and country friend, I'm always gonna end up on country's side because at least she's got looks going for her. Well, that and Jack's just a dumbass. 
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