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Friday, February 04, 2011


Current mood: enthralled

So, I have here a link to my single...

Download for free, or add in a nice little sumpin' sumpin' for me. The first 20-50 downloads will get a code for a free copy of the full album when it comes out! Jump on the opportunity!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Short UGer's Guide to Being Butthurt

Current mood: accomplished

A Short UGer's Guide to Being Butthurt.


So you have posted your very first recording, hoping to get responses that prove you are the greatest guitarist ever created by God's own two hands. Congratulations, you are on the fast-track to finding yourself Butthurt!

On Ultimate-Guitar.com, we here in Recordings want to see you GROW as a musician and as a person, and hope that you never settle for a version of either yourself or your music that is sub-par or less than your best. This, of course, leads to some problems; especially evident with our new users and our Egomaniacs. They may feel that such criticism is either:

a) Wrong

b) Unfounded

c) Out of Place


d) Unnecessarily Harsh

These users are experiencing a simple emotion labelled in the outside world as either embarrassment or anger, but for our purposes we will simply lump them into one term called 'Butthurt'

So You're Feeling Butthurt!

Now, the first thing that you might consider is vengeance or retribution against the user that burned your ass. Stay away from this path, as it will only lead to more severe serving! At this point, you have two options:

1) Quietly take the suggestions of the user, and upload new material to reflect a growth in music

2) Quietly disregard the poster's suggestions, claiming a moral stance against changing any of the music. State that the music 'spoke to you', and claim that you're 'pushing the boundaries' on acceptable audio. Then quietly make all the suggested changes and re-upload in a few months.

The second path is notably trickier than the first, and requires a great deal of cunning and timing. Your best bet is the first.

Guitar Tones - Why We Can't Listen

This is a simple section. If it sounds like a bandsaw, it sounds like shit. Moving on!

A Troll Has Appeared! What to do in the Event of a Major Butthurting

So a user has made that magical transition from recording forum junkie to ENORMOUS, EGO-FUELED TROLL. There aren't very many options for you here. You can either...

a) Feed the Troll


b) Starve the Troll

Now, everyone knows that troll's stomaches are exactly the same, biologically, to a pigeons. The idea behind option a is to feed the troll with rice to the point of bursting. In the same way that the pigeon cannot belch, a troll cannot inflate his ego indefinitely. After so much time feasting on the hatred and anger of other users the troll finds himself engorged to the point of bursting, with no hope of relief. 

This is the time to strike. With the report button. Do it. NAO!

Option b is very straightforward. Ignore the troll. The concept behind this is that Trolls are similar to cultivated plants, and will wither and die if not given enough attention. Though much less fun, this option saves other users from finding themselves butthurt, and prevents the spread of the trolling disease.

This has been a Short UGer's Guide to Being Butthurt! I hope to see you again, with the stick that was lodged up your ass SAFELY REMOVED!

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Friday, December 17, 2010


We are all thieves. We are all liars, villains, and undesirables in this society. Every lyricist is, simultaneously, an autobiographer and fiction writer, the teller of truths and the twister of tales. Every composer is the Alpha and Omega over his work, the creator of a new and inexplicable world and its destroyer. Music is structured chaos, a mirror image of our world, with each song in our universal catalogue a snapshot of our own selves and our world. It defines a very specific part of us, a part which cannot be defined by any other medium or impetus of expression. 

But, like any other form of expression, we cannot help but introduce our heroes and contemporaries into what we believe to be our original work. In the same way that any writer borrows some of his conventions, the painter borrows their paint choice and style, the musician borrows their speaking voice from those who came before them. So, we are all villains and thieves. We are all Alpha and Omega over our own domains, creators and destroyers. But, in the end, who really gives a flying fuck?
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boredom and Apathy Kill More People Than Sharks

Current mood: frustrated

Well, I got through my first year of college the same exact way that I got through my years of high school... By scraping the little scraps of my G.P.A. into one very small number. Its not exactly like I want to get through school as the lowest common denominator, its just that sometimes I feel a bit apathetic about schoolwork. Going to class is covered, as are papers and projects in both the beginning and end of a semester. I just find that I have a lot of trouble focusing, and caring, long enough to get through the middle of the year. I spend most of that 'free' time writing songs or learning music... Which I don't really see as a problem, seeing that I want to end up in performance anyway.

I've thought of leaving a few times. It is, IMO, a bad idea. Its not like its impossible... I care enough to get down and depressed about my school performance. I just don't care enough to correct it. I mean, I've corrected the problem a number of times. I stopped playing video games, stopped watching excessive TV, I never really did much with my friends, and, oddly enough, the period where I had a girlfriend I found my grades go UP. (Maybe because my outlook on life became a little more cheery... Maybe because there was a reason for life... Or, perhaps, it was because I was catching up on sleep in AP English) 

however, I think I may have found a small solution. This blogging area may be just what I need to spill. Yeah, I think this place to type and I may become really good friends.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

America, Contortionist Conformist? Or Why Everyone

You ever pass by a herd of people that look the exact same, ex. The flow of kids in and out of Abercrombie, the kids hanging outside of EB Games or Dicks Sporting Goods? (Firstly, let me state that I don't understand the draw of shirts that barely fit, or pre-ripped pants. Shrink and rip your clothes yourselves... I had a pair of well-worn ripped chucks that my mother threw out, and I've still got pants with a crotch-tear. Get this straight. The shoes are still good, the pants aren't.) Well, I don't understand the low-lighting and chocking smell of Hollister, the draw of new shoes, or the reason that the PS3 is so awesome with its Blu-Ray. And sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't get it. And, as the throwback to some time when people were actually snowflakes, I simply lose out at democracy. I've always been voted down. Group project, D.A.R.E Vs. DRM? I lose, Why D.A.R.E is bad wins. Music coming from the stereo, Boston Vs. Foo Fighters Vs. Country? I lose, country wins. I guess thats what Democracy is, a way to force the minorities away. Yeah, I get 'come back with friends who share your views' but I haven't exactly met many kids who didn't take Coldplay's side on their relatively recent plagiarism suit. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm being pushed and pulled in awkward ways to become part of the mob. Take the radio, for instance. I no longer have an aversion to country music. I've actually got a recording for a friend where I break out country licks (On a Les Paul guitar, so they are well-enough Disguised for my tastes...) Sometimes I feel like individuality is a zero-sum game. Keep it up long enough, and you'll surround yourself with people who are just like you. Break, and you're surrounding someone else. But, sometimes I come out the winner. Lets take my friend's recordings. Layers and layers of slide guitar work. I won that round. I guess its the small victories that will keep me going, even though when I'm caught up in two-party business, like between my hipster friend and country friend, I'm always gonna end up on country's side because at least she's got looks going for her. Well, that and Jack's just a dumbass. 
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing at a Wine Shop

Current mood: tired

Yeah. Played a gig at a local marketplace for a wine and cheese vendor. I love the guy, and he lets me do essentially whatever I want to. Feeds me... Its unfortunate that he's a wine and cheese vendor... Classy place, but its not exactly my style. Gimme a dive bar, please. Oh well. Had words with Dad last night, and only got five hours of sleep. Two hours at the shop, sleep, then watched the Flyers game. Glad that tomorrow is completely empty, but I'll be playing there again in a week...
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