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Jackson-RR wrote on Mar 31st, 2017 3:37pm

Bro, for all Disturbed/Device fans all over the world can you make the GP5-tabs of "Peanence" and "Vilify", "You think you know" songs? You are a real master!!! I'm sure it will be very popular tabs here on U.G.-family! Thank you very much!!! Kind regards!!! Tuomas


KRaGG wrote on Oct 6th, 2011 10:23pm

Hey man,

I love your tabs! Learned a whole bunch of songs from them.
Best ones concerning accuracy, structure, arrangement that I found up till now.

Keep on rockin'


hn.dlvalentez wrote on Sep 11th, 2011 10:07am

hey there, i'm just wondering how's the progress on the ZOMBIE EP tabs you're doing? no rush~


mariama wrote on Sep 1st, 2011 4:14am

Hello Dear
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miss Mariama


Letmelivemylife wrote on Aug 18th, 2011 1:53am

Looove your taste in music!


Josh fan wrote on Jul 5th, 2011 9:06pm

Heyy :D Long Time No Talk Eh?


TheUsedRocker wrote on Apr 11th, 2011 9:43pm

Sup man, long time to talk XD

I made a guitar pro tab for Recreate by Born of Osiris, check it out :D


slash.r0cks wrote on Mar 9th, 2011 10:43pm

Quick question: how come you have a link to Power Tab on your profile if none of your work is done in that format?


slash.r0cks wrote on Feb 13th, 2011 6:03am ?tabid=1029443
^ That's the tab Luke asked me to do.

How's Ten Thousand Fists going? As I said, use my Power Tabs if you need to. :D


MrZEDO wrote on Jan 29th, 2011 7:31am

You're tabs are fantastic! I've learned almost every Disturbed song I know thanks to you! Are you going to make tabs for the extra songs (SHFWILF, Leave it Alone, Living After Midnight) on Asylum? If so, AWESOME! If not, maybe I'll see if I can do it without butchering them too much. ^.^


slash.r0cks wrote on Jan 11th, 2011 8:12am

Kwonnie wrote on Jan 11th, 2011 at 4:11pm :
Nah. I'll keep you updated via Facebook though.

No worries; just thought I'd try and find the band's music for a listen :)


slash.r0cks wrote on Jan 10th, 2011 4:19pm

Hey man, does your band have a MySpace page?


slash.r0cks wrote on Jan 3rd, 2011 6:08pm

Kwonnie wrote on Dec 30th, 2010 at 4:02pm :
o.0 Thanks for telling me; I had no idea xD

Hahaha dude...front page a few days back. Have a look around for it. :)


slash.r0cks wrote on Dec 29th, 2010 4:33pm

#5 top tabber for the year. Nice work. :D


POPO123 wrote on Oct 28th, 2010 10:27pm

oh thats ok. im sure i gave you a 4 star rating but i will check it out =] goodbye


IRISH_PUNK13 wrote on Oct 27th, 2010 5:28pm

You're from Illinois!
:hug: :hug:


Pike777 wrote on Oct 26th, 2010 5:03pm

check ur tab comments..already apologized cause you seem to be tellin the truth and u do make a tonne of tabs. My mistake bud. they look similar but i guess theres only one way to play the song correctly, and we both got it accurate. im pretty sure i was stoned when i looked at yours to be honest..maybe i was trippen i duno haha. peace man


schmahl wrote on Oct 25th, 2010 2:15am

dude i wouldnt have given it one star if it didnt suck balls


-AnTRaX- wrote on Oct 17th, 2010 6:30pm


Is The Only Truth




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