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theflyingapple (1)
Monday, October 18, 2010

Working on?

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Mhmm. I'm doing Asylum. For Ultimate Guitar specifically. I'll do vocals when I frigging feel like it! Or when I'm actually making money off of the tabs... I don't see the point in doing them anyway. Consider yourselves lucky I'm doing these tabs at all... so quit asking for vocals! You're gonna get them! Just not now! Isn't the guitar more important anyway? You'll get the Asylum tabs 5x faster if I don't tab vocals! I mean come on; three people have asked me why I didn't do vocals and the tabs haven't even been approved by UG yet!

Also for small things like bass hits and single notes I may miss (I can miss or forget things too! I'm human!), kindly tell me in an informative way. I appreciate the info since I like my tabs to be at least 99% perfect. Don't go about downrating and/or being a douche like 'omgrawr this and that is just WRONG'. Honestly, you guys downrate for the dumbest shit. And you all sooner complain about a lack of vocal tracks than thanking me for a perfect solo. >_>

I can do other things with my time, guys. Would you rather I not release any tabs here? I didn't think so gg. I'm gonna go listen to my Korean pop now, thanks bb.

Also; Indestructible album tab is coming. There's like thirty-something tracks so you're gonna have to give me a bit. When multi-tracking a single MIDI channel, you have to update every single track when messing with the Mix Table. It's incredibly tedious.

Will I do Ten Thousand Fists? That's up to you all! I'll be doing them anyway for money but if you want my copies you're all gonna have to quit being douchefucks!

Yes, I do still plan on doing the Zombie EP and aforementioned Periphery tabs. Totla Mad depends on how long it takes for AlucardXIX to finish up with the bass...
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theflyingapple wrote on Jan 19th, 2011 9:18am

damn, good luck with the periphery


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