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Saturday, July 31, 2010

General Updates

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• Still looking for band members; waiting to try recording again in a week after my class has ended (around Friday perhaps).
• Almost finished with Indestructible. Plan to do Animosity afterwards (thankfully no need for vocals). Perhaps tie up some loose albums such as Under Reprisal, [id], Machine, or TWotF; someone choose for me.
• After I finish up the last few requests I have yet to do, I won't be accepting anymore requests unless I planned to do so before.
• Totla Mad tab is almost finished and has been almost finished for a while; work's kept me too damned busy.
• Still gonna do Jitterbug, A Prophecy, and Canto 34. A Prophecy's basically been done for months.
• Torn's been a bitch to tab.
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