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Monday, October 18, 2010

Working on?

Mhmm. I'm doing Asylum. For Ultimate Guitar specifically. I'll do vocals when I frigging feel like it! Or when I'm actually making money off of the tabs... I don't see the point in doing them anyway. Consider yourselves lucky I'm doing these tabs at all... so quit asking for vocals! You're gonna get them! Just not now! Isn't the guitar more important anyway? You'll get the Asylum tabs 5x faster if I don't tab vocals! I mean come on; three people have asked me why I didn't do vocals and the tabs haven't even been approved by UG yet!

Also for small things like bass hits and single notes I may miss (I can miss or forget things too! I'm human!), kindly tell me in an informative way. I appreciate the info since I like my tabs to be at least 99% perfect. Don't go about downrating and/or being a douche like 'omgrawr this and that is just WRONG'. Honestly, you guys downrate for the dumbest shit. And you all sooner complain about a lack of vocal tracks than thanking me for a perfect solo. >_>

I can do other things with my time, guys. Would you rather I not release any tabs here? I didn't think so gg. I'm gonna go listen to my Korean pop now, thanks bb.

Also; Indestructible album tab is coming. There's like thirty-something tracks so you're gonna have to give me a bit. When multi-tracking a single MIDI channel, you have to update every single track when messing with the Mix Table. It's incredibly tedious.

Will I do Ten Thousand Fists? That's up to you all! I'll be doing them anyway for money but if you want my copies you're all gonna have to quit being douchefucks!

Yes, I do still plan on doing the Zombie EP and aforementioned Periphery tabs. Totla Mad depends on how long it takes for AlucardXIX to finish up with the bass...
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Monday, October 11, 2010

What Now?

Just added vocal tracks to Violence Fetish, Want, Divide, and Bodies. I may have a bit of free time. So what do you want to see?

Facade tab?
Anatomy tab?
Totla Mad tab?
Since 1776 tab?
Ow My Feelings tab?

You guys tell me.
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

General Updates

• Still looking for band members; waiting to try recording again in a week after my class has ended (around Friday perhaps).
• Almost finished with Indestructible. Plan to do Animosity afterwards (thankfully no need for vocals). Perhaps tie up some loose albums such as Under Reprisal, [id], Machine, or TWotF; someone choose for me.
• After I finish up the last few requests I have yet to do, I won't be accepting anymore requests unless I planned to do so before.
• Totla Mad tab is almost finished and has been almost finished for a while; work's kept me too damned busy.
• Still gonna do Jitterbug, A Prophecy, and Canto 34. A Prophecy's basically been done for months.
• Torn's been a bitch to tab.
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Next Disturbed Album?

You pick. Let me know if I should do Ten Thousand Fists or Indestructible next.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's Happening in Kwonland?

Recently, I got rid of malware attacking my winlogon.exe process. The symptoms included shutting my computer down sixty seconds after my computer would boot. Why do people make things like this? Anyway, upon getting rid of the virus, the key in my registry that enabled a smooth startup was erased, causing my one and only account to prompt me for a password I never set. Due in part to the undefeatable null pass and in part to being completely sick of the infections on my computer, I backed up most of my files, reformatted my drive, reinstalled Windows XP, reinstalled the drivers, and here I am now.

As such, I've gotten behind in work. But I'm back and I'll be giving two Disturbed tabs a day until I've completed their whole discography. Consider this an homage to my hometown band before their fifth release in August. I need approvals when they're pending and ratings when they're approved, folks!

For any tabs previously promised that I have yet to upload, expect them slowly (I'm sorry to say). Here's a list of stuff soon to come. Priorities are highlighted:

Asking Alexandria / A Candlelit Dinner with Inamorta
Asking Alexandria / A Prophecy
Asking Alexandria / A Single Moment of Sincerity
Asking Alexandria / Aleiron
Asking Alexandria / Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)
Asking Alexandria / Hey There Mr. Brooks
Asking Alexandria / Hiatus
Asking Alexandria / I Used to Have a Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me An STD)
Asking Alexandria / I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King
Asking Alexandria / If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once...You Should Get Out of the Circus
Asking Alexandria / Nobody Don't Dance No More
Asking Alexandria / Not the American Average
Asking Alexandria / When Everyday's the Weekend
Born of Osiris / Brace Legs
Deluhi / Frontier
Deluhi / Ivory and Irony
Deluhi / Revolver Blast
Deluhi / s[K]ape:goat
Deluhi / Two Hurt
Five Finger Death Punch / A Place to Die

Five Finger Death Punch /
Five Finger Death Punch / Burn It Down
Five Finger Death Punch / Canto 34
Five Finger Death Punch / Crossing Over
Five Finger Death Punch / Falling In Hate
Five Finger Death Punch / Far From Home
Five Finger Death Punch / No One Gets Left Behind
Five Finger Death Punch / Walk Away
Five Finger Death Punch / War is the Answer
LM.C / All
Lost Eden / Cycle Repeats (album)
Parkway Drive / Deep Blue (album)
Soilwork / Nerve
Static-X / Machine (album)
Static-X / Shadow Zone (album)
Static-X / Wisconsin Death Trip (album)
Threat Signal / Vigilance (album)
Veil of Maya / Circle
Veil of Maya / Codex
Veil of Maya / Conquer
Veil of Maya / Martyrs
Veil of Maya / Mowgli
Veil of Maya / Resistance
Veil of Maya / The Higler
War of Ages / Pride of the Wicked (album)

If you want me to tab anything from the below albums, vote for it via PM and I'll tally it.

Arkaea / Years in the Darkness
Attack Attack! / Someday Came Suddenly
Attack Attack! / Attack Attack!
Blood Stain Child / Mozaiq
Circle of Contempt / Artifacts in Motion
Divine Heresy / Bleed the Fifth
Divine Heresy / Bringer of Plagues
The Devil Wears Prada / Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord
The Devil Wears Prada / Plagues
Whitechapel / A New Era of Corruption
1:42 am - 1 comments - 2 Kudos
Thursday, May 27, 2010

201 Tabs and 5001 Profile Views!

Current mood: busy

As I type this, my profile sports a grand total of 201 tabs and 5001 profile views! That's already well over the promised amount from last year and it's not even halfway through the year. Enjoy the tabs. I'll keep 'em coming (~two a day).

Oh! And my POD X3 came in the mail today! :3
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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Adapter Failed Miserably

Current mood: sleepy

Probably need jumper caps.
In other news, I'm back to tabbing again. Albeit a bit slow.
Expect around a tab a day.

Albums I'll be doing:
FFDP / War is the Answer
Threat Signal / Vigilance
Veil of Maya / [id]
Asking Alexandria / Stand Up and Scream (and/or Attack Attack!'s Someday Came Suddenly; both have been requested and I barely like either band enough to do a whole album)

In other news, Drop Dead's demo is almost done. One track needs bass. Two need solos. All need vocals. Hopefully this will be fixed this week.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

SATA Adapter

Finally been ordered.
I expect it to arrive around Monday or Tuesday.
So all the stuff on my old hard drive will be available to UG IF I feel like bothering. There was a ton of stuff on there that I really don't feel like sorting through and tabs I don't feel like making subtle corrections to. Not to mention my ban doesn't exactly make me UG-friendly right now. So if you ever want anything I previously promised from that hard drive, just pop me a PM/IM. I'll send whatever you want promptly.

And thanks Hizumi32 for reminding me about the Skapegoat tab. I'll finish that as soon as I get time (which probably means tomorrow).
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Kwonnie's Blogger Account

Current mood: blank

Finally made use of that little Blogger button in my profile. Expect updates on all things metal; album reviews, band updates, etc.

If you haven't tried Blogger, I highly recommend it. The layout is easily editable with a little HTML/CSS background knowledge (and perhaps a bit of javascript wouldn't hurt) and the blog displays are very flexible.

I'm still using UG for UG-related blogs. With that in mind, I've been banned ;P. Still waiting on the verdict concerning that. bubblesgogo uprated the majority of my tabs so the mods freaked. Yuusukedesu requested ten times more than she did. I'm more worried about that.

But yeah; I report another user about abusing tab ratings and I get banned. Figures. Once I've finished with tabbing out everything that's been requested, I'm not posting any more tabs here unless I just happen to tab something else for the heck of it. Too bad for UG; I'm one of the better tabbers on this site.

Demo's almost 3/4's done. Gonna do the drums to the last track before the next time we hit the studio and we should be done soon enough. Luxuria's solo is just owning me though.

Expect me to be scarce for a while; I typically came on here to crit other peoples' work to keep the Tabs forum alive. So much for that duty.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Significant Tab Changes! (Mar. 22, 2010)

All That Remains / The Air That I Breathe

In Guitar Pro format, these tabs have had major updates. Go check 'em out! Good luck covering your favorite songs!
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