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Message in a Bottle clip   (01:06)
Again, just more messing about with Guitar Rig. Such joy :D

Fender Tele -> Guitar Rig 3 { Tags : fender, tele }
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Four Kicks (KoL Cover)   (00:50)
This is a cover of Four Kicks me and a friend did, mostly just messing around with recording equipment. I didn't take my amp, so recorded through a Marshall AVT. I had to mess around with it a lot to get the tones I wanted, but I think it worked everntually.

Main guitar - Ibanez RGA321
Backing guitar - Fender Telecaster
Solo guitar - Fender Telecaster w/ TS9DX and Big Muff.

Rough with timing issues, but it was fun :) { Tags : kings, leon, four, kicks, telecaster, tele, fender, ibanez, tubescreamer, ts9, ts9dx, muff }
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Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (Kill Bill)   (01:00)
Just playing an excerpt from the classic Nancy Sinatra song, Bang Bang.

Played with my Swing T-Through straight into my laptop using Guitar Rig 3. { Tags : nancy, sinatra, bang, kill, bill }
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Highway Star test   (02:16)
Just messing around with a bit of Highway Star to test my setup.


Fender MiJ Telecaster
Guitar Rig 3

THAT'S IT :D Who says that Tele's can't sound full? { Tags : Highway, Star }
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Funky Tele   (00:33)
This is just a test of the funky tone from my Tele. I can't for the life of me remember the name of this song, only that it was sampled/covered for Footloose.

Anyways, just my Fender Tele again into Guitar Rig 3. { Tags : funky, tele, guitar, rig }
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