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Friday, August 24, 2007


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Is it just me or are people retarded? I've seen a lot of tabs for songs that are tuned to B but it also says 2.5 steps down. Would that not make it B#? 2 steps is C and another half step is Cb/B# am I wrong or are people just insane? So which is it the songs are in? B or B#? There's not a HUGE difference but I'm sure when you're playing along, it might sound a bit off. People need to get their facts straight. Tabs should be rejected if the tuning conflicts itself like that. I wish the people who approve tabs would pay more attention. I've had tabs rejected for reasons beyond me but these morons get theirs through? Such a twisted world.

Let it rip!
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jjhand wrote on Oct 10th, 2008 6:09am

Kreuger, the 2 1/2 steps down is accurate. In music there is 'natural' notes that are only a half step apart. This is true for the steps between B and C, and E and F. This is also why there are 12 chromatic steps in an octave (0 to 12th fret). Sometimes in keys with many sharps or flats you will see a B sharp (equal to C) or E sharp (equal to F). Similarly, C flat and F flat are the next natural note down.


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