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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Since when did been 21 mean been sensible?

Current mood: chipper

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Well, today's my birthday. Purposefully staying awake for every minute, just because I can :D So far, I got a denim cut-off made by one of my best mates, Toby (Very nice black denim fella with 6 patchesto start me off - AC/DC, crue, pistols, zeppelin, Motorhead and a random Rock N' Roll one), and while it's not really a present, winning a match of Worms among friends was good enough for me (Especially as it was on a PS2 - Backwards compatability for the win).
Also, despite the last month n a bit's extreme drama (Long story short, my band's singer a HUGE moment involving his ex and been drunk, and in the following fortnight, he decided it'd be cool to take it out on us, so after getting everyone's Okay, Fired him. Still looking for a replacement, if anyone knows a Stoke-based rock/punk/metal singer! :P
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