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red_hot_chili18 (2)
Saturday, February 28, 2009

28 days later

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Faackinell, I've neglected this! Right, time for a very small n brief update
1: The band's been going bloody awesome, although I have doubts over our bassist and rhythm guitarist - The rhythm player especially doesn't have any comittment in her, but I'll see if I and the other guys can rescue em before we piss them off any more.
2: Budgeting's a little better, but sadly as a result of the goddamn Recession and bills, I'm still struggling - No jobs anywhere ain't really helping...
And the biggest one of all
3: I've had FUCKING ENOUGH of drama. Been looking to change to Music journalism for a month now, and in typical style, there's been no movement from the university (I swear, staffs uni. is a fucking Zombie - lives for fresh meat, and as soon as its' bitten, you're nothing to it!)
4: If things go as planned, I'll be going Download 09 - Been intending to go a festival for YEARS, and now I'm finally gonna take the plunge!

All the best, all

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red_hot_chili18 wrote on Apr 1st, 2009 7:06pm



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