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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Aw, shucks

Well, happy Freebie-mas and all the best for the new decade to everyone. Jaysis, it's been a while since I added to this. Not much to say, except I'll be a bit more regular in my witterings in the new year - got a couple of interesting projects that might be on the go (Well, if the people who wanna work with it can be arsed, to make the shocking change of a lifetime... Maybe there's a reason student bands have such a bad reputation, but anyway). Still, at least there's a week until I gotta start organising crap...
Anyways, Chris out - See ya at new years'...Ish.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Since when did been 21 mean been sensible?

Current mood: chipper

Well, today's my birthday. Purposefully staying awake for every minute, just because I can :D So far, I got a denim cut-off made by one of my best mates, Toby (Very nice black denim fella with 6 patchesto start me off - AC/DC, crue, pistols, zeppelin, Motorhead and a random Rock N' Roll one), and while it's not really a present, winning a match of Worms among friends was good enough for me (Especially as it was on a PS2 - Backwards compatability for the win).
Also, despite the last month n a bit's extreme drama (Long story short, my band's singer a HUGE moment involving his ex and been drunk, and in the following fortnight, he decided it'd be cool to take it out on us, so after getting everyone's Okay, Fired him. Still looking for a replacement, if anyone knows a Stoke-based rock/punk/metal singer! :P
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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Well things're looking up

Howdy readers,
Well, looks like I'm finally learning my ways - The band's going well (We've got 9 songs, enough for a gig - Okay, so only 2 of them are originals, and 1 of our covers is a bit of a Weird Al job, but hey - it's enough to open bars with), and I've now gotten a place on my new course of choice (Music journalism & broadcasting), although I've still got a fair bit of work to pull off before I can rest easy... Still, take the small triumphs to heart and ignore the daily disasters, eh? This does mean confronting my drama crew, though... This could be interesting ha ha...
If things go to plan, I'll be outta debt (As much as a student can be), I'll have a few gigs lined up before the end of the year, and I'll have something I really can put my desires into, rather than spending my days trying to make sense of the sacrifices of a gay couple in Auschwitz (One of the "Highlights" of my charming time in Drama... Thank fuck it's over)
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

28 days later

Faackinell, I've neglected this! Right, time for a very small n brief update
1: The band's been going bloody awesome, although I have doubts over our bassist and rhythm guitarist - The rhythm player especially doesn't have any comittment in her, but I'll see if I and the other guys can rescue em before we piss them off any more.
2: Budgeting's a little better, but sadly as a result of the goddamn Recession and bills, I'm still struggling - No jobs anywhere ain't really helping...
And the biggest one of all
3: I've had FUCKING ENOUGH of drama. Been looking to change to Music journalism for a month now, and in typical style, there's been no movement from the university (I swear, staffs uni. is a fucking Zombie - lives for fresh meat, and as soon as its' bitten, you're nothing to it!)
4: If things go as planned, I'll be going Download 09 - Been intending to go a festival for YEARS, and now I'm finally gonna take the plunge!

All the best, all

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Monday, January 26, 2009

ha ha Late as always

After giving the release hype (and then rapid fall from grace)as wide a miss as Dick Cheney managed to give the Quail, I decided to give Chinese Democracy another chance, and I'm surprised about how its' managed to grip me... Also, I've noticed how the song "Streets of Dreams" has a very old-style vibe until the 2nd solo. All right, it may not be 11/14 years fantastic, but its' definitely the most diverse thing I've heard in a long time, might just help my playing.
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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vintage Advance AV1: First impressions

Well I couldn't get the Gibson back from the place I sent it to (had already sold it on), SO let's look at a guitar I got for the relative value instead. Let's get the obvious one out the way first, it is a les paul copy without shame, but it does have its' own improvements on the basic design - the main cutaway contines through behind the neck and onto the left side of the guitar, so lead work is really easy to play. Little extra things like the body contour adds to this, and overall feels more like a guitar of its' own right, but with a big tribute to where its' come from.
Aside from that, the specs are rather more mundane - 2 'Buckers (desgined by trev wilkinson with a little help from friend seth lover), 22 fret medium jumbo rosewood fingerboard, 3-way selector, all held by your traditional Mahogany and maple cap chassis, with a master volume and tone and this fancy thing called a "Roll", which loudly proclaims it gets a lot of tones between single coil and bucker, and all point in between. In practice, it just plays like a really effective tone controller, so 1/3 of its' electronics are somewhat redundant, but there is a lot of versatility and potential for darker tones., as well as brighter ones you'd normally not expect from an LP type.
The looks of it are damn nice, everything looks just Right, the only potentially off-putting thing is the fac tit says "Vintage" on the headstock, but heck, that still looks a darned sight better than the european Epiphone one does, even though I appreciate the looks of that one.
One more thing - the build quality is really good, especially for a M.I.C. (made in china) effort, at least I suspect it is, anyway. Theres' only one thing that gives away this, and that's a tiny bit of lumpy dried paint on the hell of the neck right where it meets the body - you've gotta really feel for it, and you can't notice it without looking a little too hard, so it's nothing. The rest of it just feels like it should be dearer, but I can see parts like the hardware staining fast. It's not a major thing, but it's the area for niggles.
The sound I haven't been really able to get to grips with, as the action was set rather Too low, so will be personally fixing that one myself, so there'll be an addition to this later on. But I remember in the store and plugging it in at home, the sounds are Really nice - On a par and possibly better than my old Faded Special (And undoubtedly better build quality, as the cracked neck got through quality control) - the frets and neck are fast & chunky enough to give you something that almost invites you to start making like T-bone Walker, if I felt a bit overly-dramatic, I'd say it would whisper to you in the same voice as the devil that gave Willie Nelson his skills.
I'll give a more in depth review for the holidays, but lets' face it - 250 for a guitar that feels like it should be 500? I'm laughing already - Laughing and smiling
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Last Day today

Current mood: drained

Well, this is kinda a good sight - The last 3 months of life have been a bit of a hellish struggle. Sure, most of its' been my own dumbass fault, but I like to think its' been building for a while - I'm usually a really calm guy, able to cope with whatever the hell life vomits his way. Not these last few months.
Still, todays' my last day, and whilst I've got a final piece of work to be worrying about (a slide-show about a 50's play), its' all in hand. Later on tonight, I've got a good friends' house bash to help me close this chapter. Then I'm going home, far away from the storm.
In better news, I've finally gotten my band together - Have given them all a choice of 2 songs they wanna cover - choose whatever they like, keeping in mind it's a heavy/hard rock outfit, and so long as the members can pull it off.
Still, looking good for a while - Holidays are comin'
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dirty Kicks Keep me Pulsin' Fine

Current mood: melancholy

Well, that's another week done & ended eith. The vintage is on its' way soon, my budgeting's going fine, and although I'm gonna sign meself up to the university's counselling service as soon as I can (Just in case, I can a-feel myself sliding back into some bad head-habits), things are going okay.
Got to see Airbourne the other day - the hearing only just recovered today, so thats a sign of how good it was. Strangely enough, BOTH their supports were solid as well. Stone Gods were fantastic, and Sound and Fury were a good sounding group (And who were bright enough to give away free cig paper packs at the merch desk, so I've no need to buy any for a month)
I remember checking my old band's Myspace (Nostalgia's sakes), and it just made me realise I came to university a year too goddamn early... Think about it
1: I get on better with this years' newbies than my own year
2: I've been struggling to get myself together ever since I started university
3: I'd managed to get Everything bloody spot-on back home in the weeks before I first left for this drama degree.

I'd jumped the gun, to be honest... Oh well, I'm here now, and I'll be damned if I didn't make the best of it (Even if it's looking like I'll be re-sitting year 2 as it is... Oh well, what-a-fuckin-shame). I honestly don't care for it anymore - I'm just looking to get this degree, and move on with my life - my main passion now is Music, so it seems I'll be taking aspect of theatre and applying it to my stage shows (Even though I do like acting still - did me first film job recently, so thats cool)... It's all to be figured out. I just need to dig deeper.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A couple of weird points for the day

Current mood: Bemused

Y'know how I said before if things in England went brown-side up I'd gamble on taking me chances in LA? Well one of my housemates' has had one of the actors working on his film staying over, and he's brought his gal with his - Who's a Los Angelano. The accen'ts actually nowhere NEAR as bad as I thought it'd be, so at least I'll be able to handle the social life without completely going apeshit & re-painting the local Wal-mart or whatever with everyone's insides... Not that I'd do it anyway, but y'know what I mean.
Also, I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or bad, but even though I've had such a huge anti-MMO stance, I remember really enjoying a WoW trial I got given to me, and now the new expansion's gottem me thinking... It could actually be really entertaining, if a bit of a waste of cash, but hell, the subscription fee's probably to help with the social aspect, and what do ya pay Phone and Internet bills for? Something to consider for janurary, surely, maybe earlier.
and point 3: The new guitar hero's pretty fun (Was playing it at a pal's last night) - It's more fun if you don't have someone who whines that they don't know the words all the way through a song...
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Well good bloody god, that's a relief!

Current mood: disobedience

Okay, so I may not have my Gibson (the guys decided to repair the hadstock which'd put the price up, and I can't afford to take a 250-300 whack in 1 go right now), HOWEVER
1: Talked to my bank, and they gave me a 1000 extension on the spot.
2: Job hunt still not been great - it's a bit annoying trying to find something that'll pay weekly, it's far too corporate
3: I wasn't able to see Motorhead, but I at least got a tour shirt via my amigo who did, so I can pretend and make like they made me deaf to be annoying :p:
And the biggest one of all
4:As a result of my finances been fine, I don't need to drop out of university, as I feel on top of my world.
I also managed to plan my budgeting and have stuck to it like a padeo to a nursery, so I've been able to have enough spare to buy a Vintage V100 (essentially a LP copy, set neck & all) for 160 including posting. It'll come either this weekend or next Monday, and they sound great for been such a cheap guitar, so looking forward to that :).
My only problem seems to be my course head, who's none too happy with me showing up to sessions and lectures after saying I'm on my way out. I need to smooth that problem over, which shouldn't take much - I'm a really different guy to how I was when I asked for the form. Lot brighter, thinking far better, and while the whole incident's given me an interest in dasrker subjects (Gotten to really like sixx: AM and the book - considering the subject, it's great fun to read).
The whole incident just reminded me of my motivation. Long story short, been this long-haired, heavily musical and musically influenced, and with my laid-back style, a lot of people I've had to work with haven't exactly taken a shine to me studying performing arts and acting, so I've been fighting my own mini-war of almost revenge, Just to show them all what this small-town piece of white trash can really do. Looks like the war's starting again - brace yourself, Stoke.
Also, my band idea's finally gaining momentum - Was talking music & ideas with Ian (hopefully the band's drummer - Bad Obsession is thankfully sticking as its' name), and we're on the same page there, so looking forward to starting that in the Spring :D (After I write some Damn tunes & get the lineup complete)

Anyways, things are awesome now, even if not without its' complications, but fuck it - That's life, and it's nothing I haven't handled before - I mean, fuck, I've just gotten over alcoholism, depression and poverty, what's a disgruntled boss and a few assignments?
All the best, readers ,
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